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Text of First Presidency letter of 23 February 2001

As the Church grows across boundaries, cultures and languages, the use of the revealed name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (D&C; 115:4), is increasingly important in our responsibility to proclaim the name of the Savior throughout all the world. Accordingly, we ask that when we refer to the Church we use its full name wherever possible. While this official name is not being shortened, the contractions "The Church" or "The Church of Jesus Christ" are acceptable.

We discourage referring to the Church as "The Mormon Church," "The Latter-day Saints Church" or "The LDS Church."

When referring to Church members, we suggest "members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." As a shortened reference, "Latter-day Saints" is preferred, but "Mormons" is acceptable.

We of course will continue to use the word Mormon in proper names like The Book of Mormon or Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and as an adjective in such references as "Mormon pioneers."

A copy of this letter should be posted in Church buildings. Further detail on references to the Church and its members will be forthcoming in Church publications.

                      Sincerely yours,

                      Gordon B. Hinckley
                      Thomas S. Monson
                      James E. Faust

                      The First Presidency