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Tuesday 23rd April, 2002

Mailing List!/Other RCTM news at 10:16 GMT by KoasterKing
Yes, RCT Market has a newsletter! The RCT Market Gazzeteer has started and you can now sign up for it.

We also have a new staff member and a new page up!
The new Staff Member is my good friend Coaster Rider! He is the owner of RCT United, a club I am a part of.
Also, the Staff-History page is up! Use the nav. bar on the left to find it.

Monday 22nd April, 2002

It's coming back! at 10:06 GMT by KoasterKing
RCT Station has been updated! The servers are fixed and the forums are up! Since the forum link is long, go to the url above and click on the link.

Sunday 21st April, 2002

Now on Topsites at 4:09 GMT by KoasterKing
Yes, that's right, RCT Market is now a part of RCTOA Topsites. Here's the link to see the full list of sites:
Check it out and get RCT Market up into the rankings!

Sunday 14th April, 2002

New Affiliate/Need Staff Members at 9:04 GMT by KoasterKing
We have a new affiliate!!! RCTOA! Their button can be found in the left column.

RCT Market needs staff members! If you would like to be the: community news manager, track/park designer, pafiledb organizer, scenario manager, or almost anything else you see to your left, email me. Click on my name in news post title.

Friday 12th April, 2002

Here comes the big one at 9:38 GMT by KoasterKing
I just got home from school and checked RCTOA, whoa, major changes there. It's starting to look like the old RCT-HQ. Burg says in a couple of days, the site will be fully operational.

I will post here if I'm awake when it happens. I have to go to my little sister's school so I might not have time. If not, I will post in the morning.

Also, in RCT Market news, the links page is up and functional.

Tuesday 9th April, 2002

Letter From Red Phoenix: at 01:28 GMT by KoasterKing
Hello guys,

As it's been obvious to many people, the Ogre's Network has been down for almost an entire week now (April 1st). Our host was supposed to change servers for us back in February, but they are just now getting to it for some reason. Unfortnately, no one decided to warn the people who are hosted about the server change. The downtime has really upset us, and I know it's done the same to our visitors who regularly check the sites for updates and use the message boards.

This morning, I talked briefly with our host to get an update, and unfortunately, they couldn't offer much. I have no idea when the new server will be installed, configured, and ready to go. Regardless of when we come back, there very well may be some additional downtime, because we will be changing hosts altogether. I will, however, be able to actually warn the visitors ahead of time, because we'll actually be in control of that.

Thanks for your time,

Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin
Email Red

Sunday 7th April, 2002

Welcome to RCT Market! at 07:16 GMT by KoasterKing
Hi, I now have nphp so I can post news. This is the only page up right now because I've been slaving over the navigation bar. That's all for now. Bye

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