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Best of Licks 10
Wendy Cooper & Vicky Ford (Sexwish), Blage & Eva, Zita & Beatrix
WB496  180 minutes
Wendy and Vicky
1. Wendy and Vicky
Wendy and Vicky
2. Wendy and Vicky
Wendy and Vicky
3. Wendy and Vicky
Wendy and Vicky
4. Wendy and Vicky

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The images you see have been captured directly from the video. So, what you see is what you REALLY get.
Some images may be black and white, but I can assure you that the videos are all in full glorious sexo-colour.

Vicky, living on her own, has strange visions and dreams. She sees a ghost (Wendy) who teases her sexually, in mirrors and in her dream. One day while Vicky is sleeping, the ghost appears again and joins the reality to have her way with Vicky.

In the second scene, Vicky is waiting for her ghost girlfriend all dressed up and drinks are ready. The ghostly girlfriend doesn't disappoint her and arrives with a present, a French maid outfit for Vicky. She gets Vicky to put it on and teases the footsie play under the table. They enjoy each others bodies, Vicky puts hot candle wax on Wendy then they decided to use an empty wine bottle to reach a rear satisfying orgasm.


These two girls prove the point that vegetables are good for you. They use a cucumber in their pussy to reach their ultimate satisfaction. Blage wants to take a step further to explore additional pleasures by inserting a dildo in her arse.


Two girls.. after a chat and bottle of wine.. alone in their privacy of their room. Of course they get simulated and aroused. They don't need to waste anymore time with chatting. Kissing, pussy licking. Beatrix gets Zita to insert a banana into her pussy to satisfy her burning desire to reach an orgasm. Zita uses a cucumber in her pussy.

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Best of Licks 10  Rate it
Wendy Cooper & Vicky Ford (Sexwish), Blage & Eva, Zita & Beatrix  More info
WB496 180 mins. Price $35 (25)  lllllllll Unrated   Reviews: 0
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