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Photo: Barry Ralph, author of "They Passed this Way"

Brisbane, the capital of the State of Queensland

The so called "Brisbane Line" became a public issue when Eddie Ward, the member for East Sydney, accused the previous Menzies government of having a plan to abandon northern Australia to the Japanese should they invade from the north. This was a view held widely by many civilians in north Queensland during World War 2.

Darryl McIntyre, author of the book "Townsville at War 1942" states in his book that the "Brisbane Line" did not exist. General Douglas MacArthur stated in his reminisces that the Australian General Staff planned to defend Australia on a line of defence that followed the Darling River from Brisbane to Adelaide.

In January 2001 Dallas Goodwin from Mount Isa told me about the remains of concrete tank traps that he had visited near Tenterfield. They were used to span a bottle neck in the Clarence River Valley east of Tenterfield in northern New South Wales, in an area known as Paddys Flat. The concrete pillars are still visible in and beside the river near the crossing. Dallas indicated that this was part of the "Brisbane Line" defence plan. Dallas also described some well known tank traps just north of Tenterfield on the Bald Rock Road. They consist of log pillars and a concrete wall in the valley. They are sign posted on the road and again Dallas indicated that they formed part of the "Brisbane Line" defences.



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