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Welcome to BrainBuffet.

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Brain Buffet exists to provide students, parents, and teachers with the materials and knowledge to promote Technology Education in their school or home. The site is designed to make it easy to access technology education curriculum, materials, resources, and skills. The site is divided into 6 main sections as described below. Thanks for visiting and feel free to look around!

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Virtual Lab

The Virtual Lab is the reason that this site exists. I am a school teacher in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A few years ago I began to post the projects for my class on the internet so parents could access the projects. It began to develop into Brainbuffet over a few years and a few hundred hours. Please visit the Virtual Lab to see what this site has to offer students and teachers interested in technology education.

Tech Ed Central

This section is primarily directed to Technology Educators and Home School parents and teachers who want to implement some of the activities on the site in their program. As the site developed, many questions began to surface. Visitors to the site wanted to know what kind of computer was required to run the curriculum, or where to get some of the software mentioned on the site. Tech Ed Central was then developed to help visitors find the materials and resources to develop this curriculum for their own labs and home schools. Get some free curriculum and tips on how to make Tech Ed happen in your student's learning!

Help & How To

The Help & How-to section developed from my "parent nights" at school, where I invite parents, students, and community members to the lab for free workshops on basic computer concepts, internet use, and other helpful or requested topics. Parents that couldn't make the actual event wished for copies of the handouts or information from the workshops, and I developed this section to meet that need.

Web Development

Web Development evolved from people asking questions (mostly teachers) about how to create their own online presence. This section shares the basic information needed to create your own web page, and resources for people interested in doing so.

Interactive Zone

The Interactive Zone exists to add a little fun to the site, and to allow for interaction from site guests. It was also a great way to force myself to learn some server-side programming! This section of the site contains the guestbook and the interactive forums.


And the About page gives basic information on the site, it's author, and some of the recognition gained in the process of developing this page. It also links to some information about my lab at McFatter Magnet High for Technology in Davie, Florida.

If you have any questions or would like to leave any feedback about the site, simply fill out this form.

Rob Schwartz,

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Open-Source Curriculum Project
Coming soon to BrainBuffet, the Open-Source curriculum project. Beginning with a manual for Web Page Design, Brainbuffet will be sharing and accepting design-based curriculum for sharing within the Technology Education Community. Join the Open-Source revolution! Stay tuned for more info!

Program of the Year
McFatter's Tech Studies program will be recognized as the Florida Program of the Year at this year's Annual Conference in October. Check back for a downloadable copy of the application.

Hardware Central
The new hardware section under resources is completed. If you missed the free workshop, browse this area for information on what kind of computer hardware you'll need to complete the projects in the virtual lab.

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