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2002-04-07 Jeremy Davis has posted the FreeDOS Beta 8 ("Nikita") Distribution. Install disk image and install sets for 1.44MB 3.5inch floppies are there. The CD-ROM image is now available! Don't forget to read the Readme.
Update: Some users have reported finding a virus called 10PASS in the DOG083BX.ZIP file. We tried to verify this a few weeks ago using a copy of Norton AV and signature files that were updated that week. We weren't able to find a virus in the files. Other antivirus programs were also unable to locate a virus. This is currently considered a false-positive. This should be fixed in the next release.

2002-02-19 FreeDOS t-shirts are now available! One has Bas Snabilie's neat new FreeDOS fish logo (also a banner and button), sort of based on the fish idea from Mike Green's fish logo. The other has the FreeDOS logo on front and a Voltaire quote on back. Disclaimer: I don't make any money off these, and Bas is the one selling the shirts.

Networking: Florian Xaver found this DOS networking information, and I am re-posting it here because it should be of interest to anyone trying to put FreeDOS on a network: Technote157. See also this META FAQ by Michael Bernardi about Connecting a PC to the Internet: Technote158.

FreeDOS quickies
posted May 29 2002 by jhall

Here are several news items that were too short to post to the web site individually: GNUish utilities: If you want to have UNIX-like functionality under FreeDOS, Eric Auer points us to the GNUish utilities over at Simtel. We already have this link listed elsewhere on the FreeDOS site, but it's good to mention it again. Bcc (not Borland): NA mentions Bcc, part of Dev86 [Download], a 16-bit C compiler for those who are interested in an alternative compiler. Codepages: Aitor writes: I managed to find this nice page with information about codepages: web page Party! The anniversary (first official announcement) of the FreeDOS Project is June 29, 1994. That means our 8th "birthday" is just a month away! What will you be doing? If anyone is planning a get-together to celebrate, let me know and I'll create a "birthday party" web page.

FreeCOM 0.83 Beta40 (XMS-only swap)
posted May 29 2002 by jhall

Steffen posted this to the FreeDOS mailing list over two weeks ago, but I just now realized I hadn't put it on the web site. (Apologies to Steffen!) A new version of FreeCOM is now available - Steffen writes: there is a new release of FreeCOM, hopefully solving the ^Break bug finally. Due to popular demand, there is a new file release on SF, too: download page. Else, you'll find the tarball and several precompiled packages here: download directory

Reading NTFS from DOS (alternate)
posted May 28 2002 by jhall

Following up from our previous article about reading NTFS from DOS, Russell adds: Your FreeDOS has done me lots of good, so I'd like to return the favor. If you're looking for an NTFS expert, try Mark Russinovich, linked here: download page. Unlike Christophe's NTFS driver, NTFSDOS is commercial software, but this (read-only) version is free. NTFSDOS is a read-only network file system driver for DOS/Windows that is "mounts" NTFS drives for transparent access. It makes NTFS drives appear indistinguishable from standard FAT drives.

Thanks to FreeDOS
posted May 27 2002 by jhall

John Hall (my brother) wrote to tell us about using FreeDOS at work: I finally had an excuse to use FreeDOS here at work. We have an *old* machine that we wanted to do a clean install of Windows 2000 on. (It's a recycled machine we plan to use as a lab machine). Unfortunately, the machine is so old that it can't boot from the CD-ROM. I booted FreeDOS from a floppy disk with that DOS CD-ROM driver I told you about (and that I noticed you posted on the web site), formatted the hard drive, and installed Windows 2000.
Also, J.A.Boyd had emailed me about the User Group OpenSystem coordination, one of the greaters and more active groups of users of Free Software & Open Source software in Brazil: Our group carries through quarterly events where we present several lectures on products, technologies, games, etc. WeŽve got an average of 150 people for event. We noticed the excellent quality of the FreeDos, as well as its great utility / applicability. So, in the next event IŽll be responsible by the lecture on the FreeDos. I just wanted to extend a greeting to them! Thanks! (I've also sent along several comments and suggestions for his lecture.)

New UNDELETE program?
posted May 27 2002 by jhall

I thought I would post this on the web site to generate some discussion about it. Followup should be on the FreeDOS fd-dev mailing list. Eric Auer writes: I would like to advertise my undelete (download) as a combined mirror and undelete tool... especially as undelete is listed as not available, I think an undelete with completely different usage than MS undelete should still be considered to be an undelete :-).
I haven't said much about this UNDELETE only because it doesn't meet the FreeDOS Spec. I guess the discussion should be: if the program does the job, should we include it in the FreeDOS software?

FreeDOS Beta8 review
posted May 27 2002 by jhall

Eric Auer gives us his review of Beta8. Eric has been using FreeDOS since our Beta5 release: Newsitem124. There's a lot of interesting commentary in here. (Unfortunately, Eric sent this to me on 5/2 and I am posting it 3 weeks late. So some of these issues may already have been solved.)

New FDSMTPOP maintainer
posted May 26 2002 by jhall

Yury writes to tell us that the FDSMTPOP program has a new maintainer, and a few improvements in the new release: I send you updated LSM, and inform you about new enthusiastic and gifted maintainer of fdsmtpop John Zappe. FDSMTPOP client is a mail transfer agent useful for Pegasus Mail, FreeEMACS and UUPC environments and can function as an upgrade to SMTPOP, SMTPGATE or PMPOP. Archive contains sources (for TC 2.01), DOS executables and brief documentation. Modifications by JZ include addition of SMTP authentication functionality and some minor fixes.
Welcome to John Zappe as the new maintainer!

posted May 26 2002 by jhall

Joe Cosentino has released a new version of FreeDOS MOVE: I've re-worked it so it moves files correctly, a little faster than the old one, and has confirmation if the file has been successful or not (i.e. [ok] or [Unable to write destination], etc...). The only thing that this version of Move does not support is moving directories, which will come later. It also does not modify the date and time stamp either. You can download the new Move command from web site.
This has also been mirrored at the FreeDOS archive at ibiblio.
Update: The author of MOVE 1.1 hasn't made a release since 1998, and his email address is no longer active, so I have made Joe's MOVE the new FreeDOS MOVE. If you are, or know how to reach him, please let me know.

OpenWatcom 0.8.1
posted May 22 2002 by jhall

Enrico writes: OpenWatcom 0.8.1 is now available. I found it at ftp site. I think this will be a big progress for FreeDOS developer!
For those who don't know, Open Watcom is an effort to take the commercial Watcom compilers, and turn them into an Open Source Project. The Open Watcom products are the first and only commercial compilers to be open sourced and, with more than a million lines of source code, the Watcom products represent one of the largest pools of commercial source code of any type ever released under an Open Source license.

Lightweight networking
posted May 22 2002 by jhall

wlb wrote to point us to an alternative TCP/IP network stack for programmers: There is a TCP/IP implementation called LightWeight IP. It would make a valuable addition to FreeDos Networking. WatTCP is too big for some applications (ie, TSR) and this implementation rivals some of the commercial stacks. The Ports page refers to a DJGPP port, though no standard 16bit DOS was mentioned.

Reading NTFS from DOS (updated)
posted May 19 2002 by jhall

EnricoB sent me this note about reading NTFS from DOS: I have searched for a NTFS driver for DOS and have found it. It's under the GNU GPL and a port from Linux to DOS. I can't find the maintainer. Can you post this program at your page? May be the old maintainer contacts you or we search for a new maintainer. I have temporarily uploaded it at
I have also mirrored a copy of this at ibiblio util/disk/.
Update 2002-05-20: Several readers wrote in about this one, including Sebastien, W0rm, and Rich Green. Christophe simply moved his page, he's still around and he's still working on the open source NTFS utils: web site.
Update 2002-05-25: To answer several questions I've received: yes, this is reported to work. Micheal Kallas wrote: Yes, I tested it once with FreeDOS. Guess what? It worked! However, it didn't really work on one PC (either Compaq or HP, don't remember exactly) which had a proprietary partition at /dev/hda1 (first primary).

Thanks to FreeDOS!
posted May 19 2002 by jhall

Here are a few more users who have expressed their thanks to everyone on the FreeDOS Project! Jeff writes: Hey just wanted to say "thank you" for FreeDOS. It saved me from a particularly bad problem the other day where I had to flash the BIOS on a PC, but had no DOS/Windows boot disks to make them! I just downloaded the FreeDOS install disk from the site, used "dd" to make the boot disk using my Linux machine, then copied the BIOS flash .exe and image file to that disk as well. I then booted the offending box with FreeDOS via the floppy, and happily flashed the BIOS.
techt also writes: I'm writing to thank you and the FreeDOS team for your great work. I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop which I had self-installed Debian GNU/Linux as the only OS. A few days ago I [found] a bug in my machine's BIOS which kept the cooling fans on full blast and rendered the machine extremely sluggish. In order to fix the problem I needed to upgrade my BIOS to a newer version, but Dell's upgrade program is a DOS EXE. ... I used the Beta8 of FreeDOS to make a bootable floppy to run Dell's upgrade utility -- and it worked perfectly. Thanks again for your and your team's work.
Leo Tilson writes this: Thank you for your excellent offering! I downloaded (Beta8) Nikita a few days ago and feel like a child who has been given too many toys for his birthday. So far Nikita is behaving well, and despite its being compatible with DOS 5.0 it does seem to have a better feel to it. It possesses the reliability and stability which are the most important hallmarks of an OS. I am also very impressed with the kernel32.sys and the way that you can easily change from a 16 bit/fat16 to fat32 so easily.
John Hall (my brother!) wrote: I finally decided to give FreeDOS a look. I made a boot disk and booted with it. I found a fantastic resource for MS-DOS CD-ROM drivers at web page. Perhaps you'd like to add a link to it. I'm using the Oak Technologies universal IDE CD-ROM driver from this page, and it works great. Now I have a FreeDOS boot disk with CD-ROM support!

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