Herobuilders designs and builds action figures of our world’s greatest heroes as well as the most dastardly evil villains. Herobuilders action figures are similar to other action figures in all dimensions and are fully poseable. We can also create action figures made to look exactly like you. Click here for info on Custom Orders. Make one that looks like your boss -- get that promotion you always wanted. For wholesale pricing for retail sales, e-mail us at

Like our dolls? Some people don't . . . check out our Hate Mail (updated 4/24/2002).

The Good Guys

"Our Hero"

"America's Mayor"

"The Ally" Action Figure

The Terrorist in drag

2 Evil Doers

"Butcher of Bagdad"
The Bad Guys

We're looking for a female hero or villain. Click Here to send in your suggestions.

All action figures are $29.95.
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Although inspired in part by today's heroes and villains, our figures are fictional and do not depict any actual persons.

These scenes depict how our figures can be used and posed with accessories and clothing that can be purchased at any retail toy outlet. Figures do not come with all pictured accessories and clothing. See product descriptions for complete details.

We Ship Internationally
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