Eric Schoenberg

Eric Schoenberg "... generally credited with having generated the first wide-spread interest among pickers in the adaptation of classic ragtime." --GUITAR PLAYER, June 1979

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Eric Schoenberg was born in 1946 and started playing guitar in 1959. Along with his cousin, Dave Laibman, Eric was one of the leading exponents of ragtime guitar in the 60's and 70's. Eric used to perform as a solo guitarist for a living in the 70's and 80's. His intricate and beautiful arrangements of Beatles tunes and other pop songs are without equal. Eric counts among his musical influences Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, David Laibman and Marc Silber.

He designed the Schoenberg Guitar line. The Schoenberg Soloist was an OM size guitar built under contract by Martin, with a spruce top hand selected and adjusted by a luthier. These guitars are not currently in production. Before production stopped, about 300 guitars were made, from 1987 to 1995. The tops were made in Concord and then shipped to the factory in Nazareth, PA. In the early years, the luthier was Dana Bourgeois and in the later years, T.J. Thompson. Now, a new series of Schoenberg guitars are being made. See the web page of Eric's new guitar shop in Tiburon, California for more information on the new guitars.

Eric owns several 1930's Martin OM's, an Epiphone Recording Model B (1920's cutaway), a 1930 Gibson L-5, Kirk Sand's electric classical, and several Schoenberg's (of course). He still holds an interest in the Music Emporium guitar shop in Lexington, Massachusetts. Eric usually teaches at the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop held each summer in Washington State.


The New Ragtime Guitar (with David Laibman), ASCH Records AHS 3528 / Folkways 3528 (1971)
Contemporary Ragtime Guitar (anthology), Kicking Mule KM 107
Acoustic Guitar, Rounder Records 3017
The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (anthology), Kicking Mule KM 128 (1977)
Steel Strings, Rounder Rou-3041
Rounder Guitar - various artists, Rounder CD 11541 (1987)
A tab book is available.
Late Night Conversation - Live Duets with Richard Scholtz, 1997 CD from Live Music Recordings, 2901 26th Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
$16.50 postpaid in the United States
Make checks payable to Richard Scholtz

Instructional Books

Guitar Finger-Picking Styles by Happy Traum, Oak Publications (1969)
Contemporary Ragtime Guitar by Stefan Grossman, Oak Publications (1972)
Fingerpicking Beatles, Amsco Publications (1981)

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