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NEW! Studio Cityfight Campaign

The latest news from the Studio's very own Cityfight campaign!

"What I remember most about the battle for Vogen was the confusion and the colossal scale of death. We fought like heroes, like each building that had even one Guardsman inside was a fortress against the enemy. Every soldier, fighting in a basement or under the stairs, stood his ground alone and accomplished the task on his own. Because in cityfighting a soldier has to be his own general. He needs to be given correct guidance and the trust of his officers. On Vogen we had neither and how we survived was a miracle."

Veteran Sergeant Hessel, 122nd Cadians

Cityfight battle

Throughout the universe warring races descend on each other's cities bringing destruction with them. In the shattered ruins old generals are forced to learn new tricks while their soldiers hope merely to survive.

Wage bitter warfare in the heart of a crushed and ruined cityscape.

Cityfight has everything you need to start fighting savage games of Warhammer 40,000 in the wartorn cities of the far future.This huge tome shows you how your valiant troops can valiantly cut a swathe through your opponent's vengeful army inside building after building.

You will soon have all the smashed terrain you'll need to create a devastated mass of ruins for you squads to fight over.

Imperial Guardsman

Inside Codex Cityfight you will find:

Cityfight core rules explaining how to fight battles in urban terrain.
Codex Modifications needed to amend army organisation for Cityfight.
New equipment for attackers and defenders.
The Battle for Vogen. Background details for a famous cityfight in the Cadian Gate.
Hobby Section. Instructions on how to make your own buildings and assemble a Cityfight battlezone.
Gaming Ideas. Advice on how to play campaigns to decide the fate of a city.


Cadian Imperial Guard army for Cityfight
by the 'Eavy Metal Team

Want to find out how the 'Eavy Metal team painted an entire Cadian army for Cityfight in a week?

Cadian Army

Link to Wallpapers

Download these free Cityfight images to use on your PC/Mac here.

Link to Cityfight Threads

Cityfight Thread
Had a good idea for a Cityfight scenario? Written your very own battle-winning Cityfight army list?
Or have you just got something to say about Cityfight?

Transcript for the online chat with Cityfight writer Pete Haines.

Read your
Cityfight FAQ here.

Link to White dwarf

White Dwarf are running Cityfight articles from issue 261 onwards. To find out more click here.

Link to Forgeworld article

Link to Forgeworld article

Forge World make superb terrain models for you to collect. Click here to find out more...

Link to Black Library

There's some great novels and comics with a cityfighting theme. Click here to find out what Black Library have to offer.

Link to Maps

Imperial City of Vogen
and Verunhive

Annotated maps of Vogen and Vervunhive.

Link to Terrain

Cityfight Terrain
Want to know how to make a terrific set of terrain to fight your battles of Cityfight over? There's loads of ideas to try out here.

Link to Gaming Clubs

Want to know what huge games the Gaming Clubs are running? Click here to find out more.

Link to GW Online StoreWhite Dwarf will be running features about Cityfight, starting with issue 261, which will include articles about making terrain, scenarios, tactics, etc. Click here to find out more or on the White Dwarf 261 cover image to order your copies.

If you want to order the Cityfight book click here.

Not sure where to start? Well a great place would be to get some advice from your local Games Workshop. You can find out where your nearest store is here.