AMITI has proven to the UK that there is more to Israeli music than just those dreaded minor chords and the token tambourine. Alon Grimberg, Kishkooshay-K and Michelle Zeitun successfully raised (or should we say raized?) the roof in over 14 venues in a two week AMITI tour of the UK. The church in the UK tasted real Israeli music and were properly awestruck as they experienced a 2 hour evening aglow with music, worship, testimony and teaching. People left the building excited, thrilled and struck with a new song in their hearts, the Brits were talking about the goodness of the Lord and opening their diaries for the next UK tour.

What they said about AMITI......

"I want to say how much I valued and enjoyed the evening. It was a memorable occasion, spiritually uplifting and deeply fun as well! The group are a credit to the Lord and fine advocates for believers in Israel."
Kenneth, minister, Scotland

"The event has changed my whole thinking and I ve been privileged to learn deeper things about the God of Israel"
Susan M. Bristol

"Very very touching to see the heart behind AMITI, a heart that simply wants to bless others"
John G. Shropshire

Mike, minister, Reigate

"We drove over 500 miles to see this and we were NOT disappointed, we just didnt realise there was a gig 40 miles from home. If we had known we would have gone to both!"
Jemima, Scotland

Watch this space for the venues and dates for the next AMITI tour of the UK just a few months away.

If you are interested in having a gig in your area contact us at
And even if you're not in England, we would be happy to come to your corner of the world. If it's in New Guinea or New York (or Old York), just write and we will see about adding your village (Greenwich Village or otherwise) to itinerary...

Paul Heyman joins AMITI. Amiti were honoured to be joined by internationally acclaimed violinist Paul Heyman, who after the gigs was so excited by the material that Paul and his wife Jan, decided to deidcate their future by joining AMITI in upcoming performances. Welcome aboard Paul and Jan, we are privileged and blessed to have people of such calibre and integrity on board.
Followup on Dror Lahat and the Brownsville Revival
Dror Lahat returned from Salmon, Idaho with FIRE. Participating in the worship at the "Come" conference in August, he reports that it was very "beseder" (Hebrew for fanTAStic). Dror is very anointed in Worship and is available for both concerts and to lead worship in YOUR area. Contact AMITI for details.
Alon Grimberg...Up Close and Personal...
Alon, like many Israelis, was not born Israeli. Alon came here from Europe with his sister many years ago and have adjusted quite well, thank you. In addition to music, teaching is his passion and he has started a Bible College for the stout of foot. Why the stout of foot? Because they learn the old fashioned way...on their feet. They walk and talk. And share and care. And if we know Alon, they probably sing too. Anything to become more and more conformed to the image of the Messiah. You may contact Alon through AMITI to find out more about his Bible Courses.
On the Drawing Board...
Plans are afoot (because we are looking ahead!) for a compilation album of seldom if ever recorded artists in Israel. There are many talented and anointed musicians who have each written a handful of songs and because there is not enough "critical mass" for a whole album have never been recorded. So, AMITI has decided that together, we can gather different artists and make an album that covers a wide range of music from contemplative to contemporary. From the mellow and mild to the wild and wooly. Music for Mom and Dad as well as little brother too. Music that deserves to be heard and will finally be given voice. Which is, after all, the reason for a project like AMITI in the first place. Details are currently being worked out. Contact AMITI for details.
Amiti Israel:
Way back in May 2001, the Amiti 'baby' was born in to the world. Over 250 Israelis crammed into a building in K'far Saba, Israel, to hear Dror Lahat and Alon Grimberg perform.