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New JavaScript book 
Our friend Alex Vincent has just released a new book "JavaScript Developer's Dictionary." Check it out!

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Windows and JavaScript
Learn how to use JavaScript to open, close, and manipulate windows.

CSS Reference Sheet
Tired of flipping through a CSS book to look up a particular style or definition? You need this reference instead.

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Link Fader New script
This script will "fade" links on your page from their original colour to a different colour as the mouse moves over them . A nice visual effect that works in IE and NS/Opera6, degrading well with the rest.

XHTML explained New tutorial
Iím sure youíve heard people mumbling about XHTML and how it combines HTML and XML to create the "next generation" of HTML. This guest article provides a quick run down of what XHTML is, its benefits, how it can be used, and what it looks like.

Defining arrays using literal notation New tutorial
Literal notation is a new way of defining arrays in JavaScript that's extremely flexible and robust. Learn about literal notation in this tutorial.

Using JavaScript to statically display content Updated tutorial
This popular JavaScript tutorial has just been updated for NS6, plus inclusion of a new section on using CSS to accomplish static positioning (thanks jkd for the note).

Using the navigator object to detect client's browser New tutorial
In today's haphazard browser market, browser detection is as important as ever in our scripts. Learn about using the navigator object for the task. Updated to include more info on Opera 6 detection.

What is User contributed new tutorial
You've probably heard of the term thrown around on technology sites and news these days. Now get an overview just what is with this article.

Tackling JavaScript strict warnings New tutorial
Netscape 6 and the Mozilla browsers introduce a new feature for debugging efforts- strict warnings. Learn what it is and how to prevent it in your scripts. Written by Alex Vincent, our resident forum moderator.

The Math object of JavaScript New tutorial
Looking to pull off a few mathematical operations using JavaScript? You'll need to arm yourself with the Math object.


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Comprehensive guide to .htaccess New tutorial
.htaccess is a mysterious file on your server that can do wonders for your site. Get the lowdown on .htaccess and how to use it to customize your site's error pages, password protect directories, deny user(s) by IP, and more! Tutorial written and contributed by Feyd, moderator of our HTML/Design forum.

Specifying page breaks for printing New tutorial
With CSS (level 2), the grip webmasters have over their webpages extends to the printer. This tutorial reveals how to insert artificial page breaks for printing of your page in IE5 and NS6.

Event handling in the DOM
The DOM provides expanded functionality and versatility when it comes to handling events. In this tutorial, we explore event handling in the DOM, and the differing support for it in IE5+ and NS6+.
[DHTML/CSS tutorials]

Event handling in the DOM II (the event object)
Behind every intelligent entity is a brain, and in the case of event handlers, that one is the event object. Mike Hall provides us with an overview of the event object of the DOM and its supported properties/ methods.
[DHTML/CSS tutorials]

Conditional comments of IE5 New tutorial
Learn about a revolutionary new feature in IE 5+ that allows you to conditionally comment out certain portions of your page, so only the specified browser interprets and renders them. Updated to discuss detection for IE5.5 and IE6, plus how to utilize operators!

Fading in text using the DOM
we'll learn to do with scripting what Java and Flash have "been there done that" with- fade text gradually into view  Brought to you by the new DOM of IE5 and NS6.
[DHTML/CSS tutorials]

Accessing HTML attributes using the DOM
Learn how to access and manipulate HTML attributes generically and dynamically, using the DOM!

[DHTML/CSS tutorials]

Comprehensive CSS Guide
This tutorial by Marcus Kazmierzak will guide you, from the ground up, how to code CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Learn everything from the various ways of defining style, to how to use them to manipulate font, background, margins, and more. Be sure to also see our CSS Reference Sheet.

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