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AW4416 Operating Software Download

You can download the latest version of the AW4416 Operating System software. The following procedure refers to the CD-R/RW drive. You can use the same procedure for other types of SCSI device.
The files you will download are identical to those included in the update CD-ROM distributed by Yamaha. However, if you download the files, you need to write them to a CD-R. If you are not confident about this procedure, we recommend you update the system using the distributed CD-ROM.


  • Please update the operating system responsibly. Be sure to back up your important data before proceeding.
  • If you proceed incorrectly or the power goes down during the update operation, malfunction to the unit and possibly damage or loss of recorded data may result.
  • Yamaha is not responsible for restoring or repairing any such damaged or lost data.

    Outline of update process

    Note: Make sure that you use a SCSI device that is compatible with the AW4416. Otherwise, you will not be able to update the system correctly. The devices are listed on "Users" page.

    Caution! - When updating by MO disk.

    • Updating cannot be done with an MO disk that is 640MB or larger. Please use a 230MB or 540MB MO disk.
    • The software should be written to disc after "FAT16" formatting. Please see Chapter 16 "Disk utilities" of the Operation Guide.

      Downloading the files and creating an updated OS CD-R (MO disk, hard disk)

      Downloading the system file archive

      1. The posted archives are compressed in two different formats (.sit and .zip). Select one suitable for your computer system.
        * You can download the compressed archive specified by the link at the end of this manual.

      Decompressing the archive

      Create a new folder to store the decompressed files and name it (e.g.,"aw_os"). Then, decompress the seven files into the folder.

      1. Decompress the archive using the appropriate decompression software.
      2. Place the decompressed files into the "aw_os" folder. No files other than these seven should appear in this folder.
      3. Since the original compressed files will not needed after this step, please delete them after decompressing successfully.

      Caution! - When updating by External Hard Disk.

      • Do not leave the folder or the original compressed file on the hard disk after decompressing the archive.

        Creating an updated OS CD-R

        1. Select "ISO9660 (MS-DOS)" as a writing format.
        2. Copy the seven individual decompressed files to the root of the CD-R(W). Do not copy the folder or the original compressed file.
        3. Write at single speed (x1) to prevent possible errors.

        Caution! - When updating by MO Disk.

        • Please make sure to format the MO disk as FAT16.
        • Regarding formatting, refer to Chapter 16 "Disc Utilities"of the Operation Manual.

          Verifying the updated OS CD-R

          1. Open the CD-R.
          2. Make sure that the following seven files appear and are correctly named.

            • AW4416M.HDR
            • AW4416M0.DAT
            • AW4416R.HDR
            • AW4416R0.DAT
            • AW4416R1.DAT
            • AW4416R2.DAT
            • AW4416R3.DAT

            Also, make sure that the file size matches the following: By "File/Property" (Windows) or "Command + I" (Macintosh)

            • AW4416M.HDR 272 bytes
            • AW4416M0.DAT 1,592,632 bytes
            • AW4416R.HDR 272 bytes
            • AW4416R0.DAT 262,400 bytes
            • AW4416R1.DAT 262,400 bytes
            • AW4416R2.DAT 262,400 bytes
            • AW4416R3.DAT 136,774 bytes

          3. If the file names or sizes are different, the updated CD-R was created incorrectly. Do not use such a CD-R to update the system software. Otherwise, you may damage the unit. You will be charged for repair of such damage.
          4. If the file names and sizes are the same as shown in the screen above, the updated OS CD-ROM has been created correctly.

          Note: Never play this CD-R on a CD player. Its loud volume level could damage your stereo system.

          Download Files

          Yamaha recommends that you use Version 2.0, which features new functions and fixes known bugs.

          V2.0 includes all features and bug fixing of previous versions.
          V2.0 can be updated from any previous versions.

          Operating system updater to V2.0

          The type compressed files are prepared for both Windows and Mac users. Please download the file that is appropriate for you.

          Procedure for updating the AW4416 operating system

          Update procedure

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