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                Welcome to Laseredge Performance Products! COMING IN  2002: 6volt 10watt HEADMOUNTED BICYCLE LIGHTS!! Be sure to check out my CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS section.

High Performance Bicycle Lights at wholesale prices! 


Halogen Hands-Free Map Light!


Replace your stock motorcycle barends with my Delrin sliders!

Race Stand Motorcycle Spools / Buttons


Email: Chad@bicyclelights.com

Telephone: 818-368-9467

Toll-free Voicemail and Fax: 877-249-9030

Last Updated: 06/02/02




Welcome to Laseredge Performance Products, founded by Chad Maccanelli. Home to bike ( Motorcycle and bicycle) accessories. Selling quality halogen American engineered bicycle lights, featuring super bright halogen lamps. For those of you wanting to blaze down trails at night on your Mountain bike, or if you're just a commuter needing to be seen by other motorists, my lights are well equipped to do the job. With a 12w and 20w lamp, you have enough power to see and be seen. No wimpy lights, step up to performance Laseredge lights and light up the night! Already own a bike light, but need a replacement battery for it? No problem, most brands can be retrofitted to use my battery packs, call or email for details! Map lights are also available, and are a very useful item for your automobile, boat, or RV. Can be powered by any 12volt DC source. Comes with a cigarette lighter plug for your convenience. Use is as a map light, work light, head mounted hands-free light, a light to give the kids in the back seat of the car. Great for Jeeps too, since there is no dome light inside a Jeep due to the canvas top. My barends and spools are great to use on your motorcycle to add crash resistance and better looks. I also make frame sliders on request. Thanks for checking out my website, I try to keep the site as current as possible, so come back often. Laseredge, your source for cost effective discounted wholesale bicycle lights, map lights, and motorcycle barends / spools.