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The Star Wars Players' Committee

A few weeks ago, when I announced that the Star Wars™ CCG license was leaving us, the flood of support for Decipher and our games was incredible. I appreciate all your kind words. We received an overwhelming number of emails from players who wanted to be involved with the Player's Committee. From those requests we selected a core team of representatives to work diligently on behalf of the entire community.

Today I would like to officially announce the first team (we call them Star Wars Player Advocates) to head the Players' Committee. The Players' Committee will be a network of fans spanning the globe. Each Players' Committee member will communicate the needs and wishes of their local players to the Player Advocates so the Advocates can help shape the direction of support for the games according to the players' wishes.

I am proud to introduce the first team of Star Wars Player Advocates to you. They are...

Michael Girard (dvader@mainex1.asu.edu)

John Arendt (littlejohn@idcomm.com)

Joe Helfrich (jbh@dim.com)
Greg Anderson (dwarf@wam.umd.edu)

Eric Olson (ecolson@ix.netcom.com)
Doug Taylor (dougred4@aol.com)

Many of you may recognize the names above. Each of these individuals has been heavily involved in the Star Wars CCG community for many years. We are very please that they have volunteered their time to serve in the above positions. The Star Wars community is quite lucky to have them. Each of these individuals has a history of working for the betterment of the Star Wars CCG community.

Next week, these six people will be flying to Norfolk, Virginia to meet with Decipherians to discuss the processes of turning Star Wars CCG over to the players. The Player Advocates will be given the names of everyone who emailed us volunteering to be on the Star Wars Players' Committee. The Advocates will then be contacting players to help with various tasks such as tournaments, rulings or to fill any other roles as needed.

We expect the Star Wars Players' Committee to transition into a new Product Champion Squadron that will be named and supported by the Player Advocates. Each member of the Squadron will be given a number designation, as we do in the Decipher Product Champion programs. Decipher will also continue to support the existing Squadrons and encourage them to work side by side with this new team.

In addition to the vast number of players who have raised their hand in support of the Star Wars Players' Committee, the Game Player's Network (www.gameplayersnetwork.com), a fan-run web site for gaming, has stepped forward and offered their support for the continuation of the Star Wars CCG fan community. They will be offering their web team's assistance to the Star Wars Players' Committee in getting information to decipher.com, and in providing the Advocates with tools to communicate with the Star Wars community through email, bulletin boards, and chat sessions. They will also be taking on the daunting task of handling the shipping of prize support for all sanctioned Star Wars CCG, Young Jedi CCG, and Jedi Knights TCG tournaments after April 30th 2002.

There's more details of the Players' Committee that will become final in the next few weeks (including a complete list of members, cards selected for a "virtual card" pool, and a timetable for support events). For now, please welcome these talented and dedicated people who will be keeping Star Wars CCG in the limelight for a long time to come.

With warm regards,

Warren Holland
Chairman & CEO
Decipher Inc.

January 25, 2002

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