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Fun with kids toys.

I finally got a link cable for my gameboy camera!

more gameboy images

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[ posted by josh at 05/31/2001 11:32:27 PM ]
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bendependent said at 06-01-2001 2:21 AM:
gam boy cam is fucking awesome. a few questions:

1) can you connect it to a VCR and record live video?
2) could you set it up as a webcam?
3) what type of images does it output as?
4) how many pictures does it hold?
5) how much do they cost?
6) what is the structural makeup of the gameboy camera?
7) does it make you want to die?
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Craig said at 06-01-2001 8:52 AM:
Your site won't come up, Josh.
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mary said at 06-01-2001 3:52 PM:
When Josh gets here, I'm going to dye his hair Killoggs blue.
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loren said at 06-01-2001 4:42 PM:
I got one off of ebay today for 13 bucks plus 4 for shipping. Soon i will be gameboycamriffic. I wanna do a whole website out of that shite!
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wambo said at 06-01-2001 4:47 PM:
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Jeff said at 06-01-2001 11:18 PM:
That cover picture of me and Meredith rox. Thanks Josh.
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Jeff said at 06-02-2001 10:48 PM:
Hmm..works for me. Seems like only part of the world was ever able to access my fake.net stuff anyway.
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