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Last Modified: April 29, 2002


3.64 MB

This interview was videotaped back in 1980 from an East coast show called PM Magazine.  They were on the set of "Love Affair" in which Dan Tanna falls in love with a girl who turns out to be a high priced call girl.  Priscilla Barnes Guest Starred.

MakingVega$.JPG (46276 bytes)Barns1.JPG (38509 bytes)PBarns.JPG (41202 bytes)

BarnsBob.JPG (41068 bytes)Bob.JPG (38396 bytes)Bob2.JPG (35574 bytes)

behindscenes.JPG (43277 bytes)behindscenes2.JPG (41678 bytes)behindscenes3.JPG (34999 bytes)

behindscenes4.JPG (39306 bytes)GregBob.JPG (38706 bytes)GregBob1.JPG (41906 bytes)

Bob11.JPG (37425 bytes)Bob3.JPG (44530 bytes)Bob4.JPG (30100 bytes)




4.60 MB

This lighthearted interview came from "The John Davidson Show" back in 1981.  John interviewed Robert  on the set out in the Nevada desert.  Comedian Rip Taylor has a cameo.

BobUrich.JPG (25382 bytes)BobJohn.JPG (27310 bytes)BobJohn1.JPG (27482 bytes)

BobJohn2.JPG (27675 bytes)BobJohnRip.JPG (29483 bytes)




6.30 MB

This is an interview on "The Merv Griffin Show" from 1981.  Robert sings and also makes a surprise announcement about the fourth season of VEGA$ !!!

BobMerv.JPG (35495 bytes)BobMerv1.JPG (30399 bytes)

Bobsings.JPG (33076 bytes)BobMervdance.JPG (36375 bytes)



2.00 MB

This is a short behind the scenes interview on the set of Dan Tanna's pad.  Mike Douglas does the interview.  The cast of VEGA$  makes a quick appearance at the end coming out of Tanna's bathroom.

Mikedouglas.JPG (38730 bytes)Mikedouglas1.JPG (36244 bytes)cutaway.JPG (36809 bytes)

MikeBob.JPG (30417 bytes)MikeBob1.JPG (42428 bytes)Fanmail.JPG (28615 bytes)

Hangingchair.JPG (36418 bytes)Desk.JPG (36921 bytes)Kitchen.JPG (35435 bytes)

Kitchen1.JPG (37195 bytes)Plasticmeat.JPG (36047 bytes)Kitchen2.JPG (40457 bytes)

Fireplace.JPG (39712 bytes)Bed.JPG (34389 bytes)Barberchair.JPG (41225 bytes)

Cast.JPG (30051 bytes)Cast1.JPG (32353 bytes)BartMike.JPG (36373 bytes)


3.26 MB

This is another short interview of Robert on "The Mike Douglas Show."  Actually this is the second half of the interview in which he talks more about the series.  The first half he talked mostly about his work on "Fighting Back: The Story of Rocky Blier."  Robert also sang his College fight song.  The late Michael Landon can also be heard on this interview.  





No Pictures Available








5.34 MB

This is a first of a two part interview of Robert after the series VEGA$ finished in 1981.  At the time, I lived back East in Ohio in a town called Hudson, which was near Akron.  Robert & his wife Heather were in Akron performing in a play "Barefoot in the Park."  This interview takes place at EJ Performing Arts Hall in Akron, Ohio.

Bob111.JPG (34839 bytes)Bob232.JPG (35167 bytes)






5.13 MB

This is the second half of the interview in which Heather joins Robert.

BobHeather1.JPG (35106 bytes)BobHeather2.JPG (36037 bytes)BobHeather3.JPG (38506 bytes)

Heather.JPG (34055 bytes)


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An interview of cast members from 1996

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