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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Aces Out in Wimbledon
UPDATE: Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, the two biggest Americans in men's tennis, lost in the second round at Wimbledon today. Second-seeded Marat Safin was also eliminated.
(AFP, Reuters)

Bush Vows Vigorous Probe Into WorldCom Accounting
UPDATE: President expresses concern about investors' confidence in the stock market and he promises to "go after" companies that mislead them. VIDEO

• Telecom Giant Inflated Books by $3.9 Billion

UPDATE: Stocks Plunge on WorldCom News

Court Bans Pledge of Allegiance
UPDATE: Appeals court overturns 1954 act of Congress inserting the phrase "under God" after the words "one nation" in the pledge.

TEXT: Appeals Court Opinion

Mideast Dominates G-8 Opening
UPDATE: World leaders, gathering in the Canadian Rockies, also address terrorism and the world economy. VIDEO

Brazilians Samba Into Seventh World Cup Final
UPDATE: A goal in the 65th minute eliminates Turkey, 1-0, and sends the Brazilians into the final against the Germans.

Traffic Deaths of 6 Reignite Border Debate
A "load van" stuffed with 33 people struck four oncoming vehicles on Interstate 8 near San Diego. GRAPHIC

Top 'Soft-Money' Donor Does It 'Under the Radar'
Steven Kirsch's millions boosted coffers of state parties, study of campaign 2000 shows. GRAPHIC

Crews Stall Arizona Fire Near Vacated Town
Capital Mixes Signals for Amtrak
Answers Elusive in 1965 Slaying
2 Questions Dog Bush's Mideast Peace Plan
 AP News
10 Pakistanis Die Raiding Al Qaeda
Grand Jury Probing Utah Girl Case
New-Home Sales Jump To Record Level


A Cook's Frontyard
FOOD: Long hidden in the back, fruit and vegetable gardens are now on display all over the Southland.

Star-Crossed Cathedral
SO CAL LIVING: Controversy has surrounded Our Lady of the Angels, and its scheduled opening threatens to increase the focus on larger problems in the Catholic Church.

Cho's Mother of Invention
MOVIES: Comedian Margaret Cho didn't have to look far for inspiration for material in her stand-up movie "Notorious C.H.O."

Will It Be Rockets Who Say Yao?
SPORTS: Today's NBA draft will provide an end point to what has turned into gathering chaos.

Dreaming of Africa
ART: Artifacts from the Niger Delta make for an enthralling exhibition at the UCLA Fowler Museum.

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The World
Two Basic Questions Dog Bush's Mideast Peace Plan
Arafat Would Probably Win Reelection
Africans Fear Being Overlooked by G-8
The Nation
Panel Rejects Challenge to Romney's Bid
Some Snowmobiling Is OK in Yellowstone, Park Service Says
Capital Mixes Signals for Amtrak
Deaths of 6 Reignite Border Debate
Treatment Ordered for Sex Crimes
O.C. Grand Jury Accuses D.A. of Conflicts in Cases
WorldCom Says It Inflated Books by $3.9 Billion
Messier's Key Ally Leaves Board
Adelphia Submits Bankruptcy Filing
Perez Pulls Another Fast 'One'
Someone Will Say Yao, but Will It Be Rockets?
Familiar Faces In Final
PBS Cautiously Exercises Options on 'Wall Street'
Lessons From the Baby-Sitter
Once an Altar, Now a Stage
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Star-Crossed Cathedral
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Wave of Ethnic Voices Sweeps Toward Shelves
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Having a Kick With It Means Kids May Stick With It
A Cook's Frontyard
The Rich Vines of Cape Town
A Kitchen Garden of Your Own
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Good Time for Buyers as Incentive Fever Returns
Ford Recalls Thunderbird Over Seat Belt Concern
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A Whale of an Agenda
High Finance Run Amok
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