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[Image: Aerial View of Oceania]
Oceania Overview

The Atlantis Project will not be restarted. Eric's next project will be the Lifeboat Foundation, a save the human race project which will be launched in early 2002.
Learn about the end of The Atlantis Project.

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The Atlantis Project is dedicated to the goal of establishing a new country named Oceania. This country will be devoted to the value of freedom, and will first exist as a sea city in the Caribbean. As no collectivist nation is likely to sell us the land we need, we will build an island out of concrete and steel. At this point, the organization behind this new country, The Atlantis Project, is building the necessary financial resources to pay off past debts and to pay for the completed model of Oceania. Once this task is completed, The Atlantis Project will go into full gear and go well beyond its peak reached in early 1994 when it was covered by media across the U.S. and the world -- including the BBC, the Miami Herald, the Art Bell Show, Boating magazine, and Details magazine.

New! Things have picked up and we will be covered in the June issue of Wired Magazine and the June issue of NetGuide. The abbreviated Sea Structures Inc. business plan on our web site is quite interesting. Additional news updates are available.

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We run a mailing list called OCEANIA-L on this machine. Information on the project is sent to subscribers on a fairly regular basis. Back issues of our newsletter are available.

[Image: Sea-level
View of Oceania]

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We run a newsgroup called alt.culture.virtual.oceania.

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