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Transtech Bikes introduces the new Ph.T Composite Mountain Bike frame set.

Chad S. Transtech racer Get a doctorate in dirt! Try a new plush hard-tail from Transtech. Created with you in mind, and tested by cross-country bike racers, beginners, plus a scientific cross-section of wild riders. The Ph.T accelerates, climbs and rides like the best hard-tail you've tried.

The simple, clean lines suggest crisp steering and light weight. The tailored composite spar structure inside controls flex and permits it only in the vertical direction, to soak up the shock of rocks and tree roots.

Demo Rides

Where: Bluff Creek Ranch Warda, Texas for directions visit

When: March 3-4, 2001

Transtech Bikes will be set up in the fairway inside the race. Entry into Bluff Creek Ranch is $4.00 per person. That will get you into the campground. Registration fees for the TMBRA race and reserved camping space are additional.

Bluff Creek Ranch house rules require that if your butt is on the seat that your helmet is on your head, so bring one and a source of identification that you can leave behind while you try out a bike. For a more personalized test ride we recommend that you bring your favorite set of pedals.

Front view
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