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What is Mac-Mgrs? Mac-Mgrs is a community of people who manage Macintoshes (generally in rather large numbers) who come together for peer support. We use a mailing list and these Web pages as sources of information for troubleshooting and resolving systems management problems in Macintosh and Cross-platform environments. Our mailing list is your last resort for dealing with difficult troubleshooting issues. Our aim is to help you solve your problems so we provide the links below for research and a searchable (now with Sherlock!) archive of the list's previous posts (thanks to Rus Pagenkopf the archivist). For more information about the list itself please read the List Mom's introduction and Mac-Mgrs FAQ.

Please check the subscription page for news on how to subscribe to the list.

You must turn off HTML and MIME formatting features in your email software before posting to the list. The new server will just bounce your ugly-mail back to you. =) Outlook users especially, RTFM. I don't know if any changes have been made in recent versions, but if they're different than what is stated on the mailers page above, please send Al a note describing how to turn off those whizzy HTML/MIME features and we'll update the page.

Here are directions for common subscription changes (e.g., unsubscribing, changing to digest mode).

Tips: These pages are intended to help you get your answers as quickly as possible. The fastest sources of answers are usually at the top, and more involved ways of getting help appear below. Be sure to check the News section for late-breaking information that you may not find elsewhere.

Going to MacWorld Expo or another trade show? Then get your Mac-Mgrs button! Below is a picture from the Mac-Mgrs gathering at the current MacWorld Expo in New York City.

Mac-Mgrs group photo at MacWorld Expo

We also have pictures from MacWorld Expo in NYC, 1999, the last MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, and a Mac-Mgrs get-together in London.


Here's a list of Macintosh related sources of information on the net that will answer many of your questions.

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