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      News & Updates:

IGL Predictions Week 8 by Jimmy Page
( 07.26.2002 03:36 Central )

IGL week 8 brings us dod_cherbourg, a map that I have never scrimmed or matched on before, so I really have no idea as to what the margins will be like in matches. Nevertheless, week 8 also brings us one a highly anticpated match between two big DoD clans and also the return of clan highball back to league play.

devil^ vs. KSP*1
-With a win over 63rd in CAL, I would predict devil^ to win.

CdG| vs. [GXA]
-I am going to go with GXA on this one.

[RBC] vs. [=RNw/G=]
- It seems RBC has been slipping lately, but hopefully they will win here.

[CosaN] vs. 63rd

-After defeating 63rd last week in STA by over 100, I think Cosa will win.

Vigilante Elite vs Negative Tension
-This is a match I have been waiting for for awhile. Coming off a victory over 101st, I would consider Nt to be favorite in this matchup, despite the fact that ve| is still undefeated in IGL so far and has beaten Nt before. Even considering all that, I still think Nt is going to win, but not by much.

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Cal match Result! by SilverMana
( 07.25.2002 23:17 Central )

This week shows alot of unexpected result from every clan especially -NT- (wich i predicted against /me feels bad now = sorry) I didnt expect that this week would take such turns. Clans are all working their way.

|NUDE| vs Dude Wheres My Kar 379-197
Well that shows that ;dwk; has lost their touch or |Nude| gain
some mean skill.
Winner: |Nude|

Cosa Nostra vs Domain of Pain 300-268
That was unexpected to see Dop so close of [CosaN]. But they still managed to get home with a win. So be scared of Dop now icon_wink.gif
Winner: [CosaN]

devil^ vs 63rd ID Blood and Fire 296-263
Even if devil had member at the cpl 63rd had some loss to so i guess
devil^ came back with a bigger roster than 63rd
Winner: devil^

Screaming Eagles vs Vigilante Elite 230-330
Not even a surprise was so expected to see ve| win again
Winner: ve|

Gods eXiled Angels vs =Qor=
Forfeit = wins
Winner: [GxA]

HJE Wraith Squadron vs [118th] 225-358
Even agaisnt the newly team that ust got moved in cal-i [118th] HJE has been on a loosing streak. Some wonder why they are there but we will see what come next.
Winner: [118th]

Rangers Baker Company vs |5.o| 269-298
|5.o| has been down these day and this was unexpected from the most of us. So i guess [-=RBC=-] had little problem or |5.o| improved
Winner: !5.o|

-NT- vs |101st| 322-293
This was one of the unexpected thing to see. Le and krugar at cpl but still -NT- had their problem on their side and managed to get out with a win
Winner: -NT-

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Negitive Tension > 101st Airborne Division by Douper
( 07.25.2002 22:18 Central )

in a close battle, Nt defeated 101st by 24. 101st came out strong both halves and capped the middle both times. Nt managed to get control back each time, and finished each half with a cap.

the rest of the CAL-i results will be posted soon, some are still pending.

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CAL-Open predictions by S|ash
( 07.25.2002 14:37 Central )

Here are some predictions for some of the better known CAL Open clans.


Clan X Team [vs.] Kamikazi Super Powers 1

Finally, a good motw! icon_smile.gif. cXt has returned with a solid lineup, however there have been a few modifications in their line since before and they will need to play with each other more to develop team chemistry. KSP1 is a very strong side that has been consistently strong. However, the KSP boys seem to be more commited to STA than CAL for various reasons, while cXt will be solely focusing on CAL, and consequently I will give cXt my vote.

DiNk [vs.] Digital Victims

DiNk seems to have quite a solid lineup, while DV is a strong up and coming clan. I predict DV for this match.

Easy Company [vs.] Menace to Society

Easy Company has been around for a while now and they seem to be showing their true colors. However, mTs is the top FireArms clan come to DoD, and they have recruited a skilled lineup that will help them win the day.

Band Of Brothers Brasil [vs.] RUNS

BoB Brazil is one of the better South American clans around, but RUNS seems to be on a streak of victories, so I'll go with the RUNS boys.

Gods eXiled Angels [vs.] 5th Infantry Division

This may be a more evenly matched game than most people think. GXA's open squad is still trying to gather itself together, while 5th is quite solid and stable. However, I'll give it to GXA, but it could really go either way.

Zero Tolerance [vs.] Soldiers Without a War

ZT seems to be a hot open team with skill, while SWaW seems a little shaky. ZT is my pick for this match.

USDNetwork [vs.] Marine Recon

Although MR seems to have their shit together, I will go with USDN, who have been putting in a consistently solid effort and have been getting results.

SS Elite [vs.] 1st Panzer Division

SS Elite is a new team in the DoD circuit, so I doubt the experienced 1stPD will have much trouble with them.

Kamakaze Super Powers 2 [vs.] Vintij

I think KSP2 can take this from the Vintij boys.

NeF [vs.] USN

NeF is a skilled Euro clan that will be ready for USN, so they get my vote.

Good luck to all clans this week in CAL.

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3rd SS disbands by escher
( 07.25.2002 09:59 Central )

Due to massive loss of players to 1st ( First Wave ), 3rd SS has disbanded. Just as they were just starting to come into some recognition. *;/

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New clan: DoD division of First Wave by escher
( 07.24.2002 14:15 Central )

Well, indigo and donko have left 63rd to form a new clan with animosity ( sad-bob ). They are the First Wave DoD division and #1st-dod on gamesnet. Their current roster is:

indigo, animosity, donko, begabt, crazyvato, diesel, fallenangel, frag_water, magmar, slash, sniz

As you can see, they've picked up some 63rd, a Cosa, a few TU, and a few 3rdSS. I gotta admit, when I woke up this morning, I was not expecting this to last. But with the crew they have formed, things are looking pretty good for them. I'm going to talk to ani and get an interview once I get a chance.

edit: Interview is done. Check it here.

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Cal Prediction by SilverMana
( 07.24.2002 06:47 Central )

Wewt my first cal prediction and my first post so here it goes!

|Nude| vs :dwk:
|Nude| and :dwk: are both clans that live for CAL we will see which one is the most ready. They both has the same record 2-1. I will go for |Nude|
Winner: |Nude| by 30+

[CosaN] vs DoP
Yesterday [CosaN] has showed that they were still a strong clan and they wont give up Dop is new and [CosaN] isnt. DoP will probably have a hard fight on this one.
Winner: [CosaN] 70+

|101st| vs -NT-
Probably a good match to watch. |101st| still hasnt lost and -NT- are a strong clan but last time they played |101st| it was hard for them.
Winner: |101st| 50+

devil^ vs |63rd|
Both of these clan are on a roll and both of them has alot to show. They still improve and we will see who the best goes on. But still i heard devil^ starter were at the cpl so that might not help them.
Winner: |63rd| 30+

[-=RBC=-] vs |5.o|
This sound like a nice match where both team will deliver a nice fight.
But |5.o| was in sta-i and got moved down to alpha. So we will see how they do here
Winner: [-=RBC=-] 50-

SE vs ve|
By watching ve| performance agaisnt 101st and the SE performance agaisnt [GXA] id say ve| is still to big for the SE.
Winner: ve| 100+

[GXA] vs =QoR=
Sadly the great 1.3b =QoR= has gave up this week so [GXA] receive
a forfeit Win.
Winner: [GXA] by forfeit

HJE vs [118th]
Maybe HJE will have an opponent of is strenght but 118th take's over
HJE hasnt prooved is place in the CAL-i section yet and if 118th loose
this one this will mean their not ready for invite either.
Winner: [118th] 50+

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STA results by escher
( 07.23.2002 23:07 Central )

ve vs. KWI ( 574-281 )
This is still techincally pending, but these are the scores we got. Anyhow, I was right, but man was my point spread off. ( of course, as soon as I post, it officially comes up on the results page. )

Cosa vs. 63rd ( 489-354 )
Cosa proves me wrong. By a lot.

3h vs. GD ( 254-570 )
Wow. I was so far off on point spread it's not even funny. GD proves they're here in invite for a reason.

devil vs. GXA ( 484-375 )
Right again, but wrong on point spread by about 50.

3/4 isn't bad, though I learned that Koln is higher scoring than I would have expected. Anyhow, check out the real MOTW on Friday on our HLTV server. Hopefully we can get a commentator, but no guarantees.

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HLTV for STA tonite by Douper
( 07.23.2002 19:26 Central )

1911's pick for MOTW this week is Cosa vs 63rd.


Match gets underway at 9:30EST on dod_koln.

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Yet another article by Image. by S|ash
( 07.23.2002 15:55 Central )

Image's second article talks about the fallen DoD giants =QOR=. Read it here, and once again, all comments are encouraged.

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45th reunites! by douper on 07.21.02
( General )

After the slew of disbandments that marked this summer, many clans have decided to reform. 45th is the latest in this trend.

SilverMana interviewed nire on the comeback. read it here.

And I'm sure they'd aprreciate it if you idled #45thid :P

IGL Results Week 8 by jimmypage on 07.21.02
( IGL )

After playing a few matches and scrims on Koln, my appreciation of map has grown. The many little crawlspaces to get from flag to flag offer quite the opportunity for some deviousness. :) No major upsets this week in IGL, here are the results:

Title Match
ve| over 63rd (439-410)
-As you can see from the final score it was a very close match. 63rd and ve| both capped the map twice.

Nt over CosaN (457-399)
-Another hard battle between Nt and Cosa. Cosa capped the map once as axis, but it was Jakeld's bunnyhopping skills that helped Nt get the vicory.

KSP*1 over [GXA] (482-374)
-KSP*1 with a rather large margin over GXA.

devil^ over [96th] (522-335)
-Even with the loss of Escher and K-os, devil still pulls a convincing win.

[RBC] over [192pznr] (682-163)
-No major surprise here.

slimz leaves ve by douper on 07.21.02
( General )

ve|`slimz has decided to retire from dod, stating time and reallife(tm) constraints.

Good Games slimz. good luck with the real world!

An old powerhouse calls it quits by escher on 07.21.02
( General )

QOR has retired today. I realize that you 2.0+ guys might not realize this, but at one point QOR was one of the giants of DoD. 101st v. QOR was an old rivalry that I remember from when I first started. I'm sad to see another clan of old go down, but I guess their time had come.

Good game, QOR.

( and for the record, Anneveld's still going to be adminning CAL )

IGL Predictions Week 8 by jimmypage on 07.21.02
( IGL )

Title Match
ve| vs 63rdID
-ve wins, but 63rd keeps it within 80 points.

Nt vs CosaN
-A really good matchup with two of the top contenders. Nt wins by 30-50 points.

[GXA] vs KSP*1
-KSP*1 by 50

devil^ vs 96th
-devil^ by 100

CdG vs =QOR=
-=QOR= wins it

RBC vs [192pnzr]
-Never even heard of 192. RBC wins.

New European Invite League by slash on 07.20.02
( General )

A new Invitational league has been introduced into the European clan scene. Known as the DoD-NL Invite Only League, the league is headed up by Blyth3, Appeltaart and Mercury with the sole purpose of providing a very high level of competition for the best clans in Europe. Many top clans such as FFR, Spite, Troopers, SOE and Eclipse are all participating in the league. The DoD-NL Invitational League has an IRC channel on (#dodnl-l). We wish them luck and hope that the high level of competition can remain in the European clan scene.

#dodscrim by escher on 07.20.02
( General )

Well, I'm sure those of you who are ( or were ) Counter-Strike players are familiar with #findscrim on gamesnet. For those who aren't, it's a channel where you can go to find scrimmages, ringers if necessary, and some guys even recruit from it. A few guys ( kuruption, sad-bob, bus, and nig ) started #dodscrim for the same basic purpose in DoD. However, the idea only really works if you get an army of people in there, since with only people from about 2-3 clans, it doesn't really help you find a scrimmage. So, when I'm basically saying is everyone who is on gamesnet, go to #dodscrim. It's a great idea, they just need more people to really make it work.

( Two addendums: First, sorry if I missed someone on the list of guys who started #dodscrim. Second, while you're idling there, go to #1911 and help us out too. ;D )