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    Captain E ...
    Captain E In DopeCity !
    Cartoons by Tomas
    Texts by Tomas & aj
    and his (Test)Subjects...

    Hi, it's me !
    Captain E from Dopecity !
    How can I help you ?

    Say that again ?
    Simon Speed and The Amphetamine Brothers are in town ?
    Well, well, well....

    Simon Speed and The Amphetamine Brothers are dangerous but easy to handle if you know what to do !

    This is a piece of cake.
    My EZ Test MARQUIS will take care of IT. Let's go !

    The investigation starts. Captain E goes out to find his friend LongLeg. He is a party animal and knows all rumours in DopeCity...

    LongLeg, have you heard about Simon Speed and The Amphetamine Brothers ??

    Yes, Captain E. I've seen them and it was horrible. They don't stop talking ! They chew their tongues and dance like idiots. They just won't stop ...

    LongLeg, where are they ? Have you also seen Simon Speed ? He's the ugliest of them all.

    They are in The TongueChew Bar, getting ready for tonight. I've also spotted Simon Speed, I think he is their leader !!

    "Captain E ponders the information LongLeg provided and is on his way to The TongueChew Bar."

    Wow, Simon is so speedy, he doesn't even notice me. Let's hear what he is talking about.

    OK, All Amphetamines listen ! Target for tonight is The-Ministry-Of-Minds-Club and we will spoil it seriously ! They will think we are Ecstasy, they will never figure out what we really are ! It's time for serious chewing, extreme exhaustion and deadly dehydration ! The worse, the better !!!

    Not this time Mister Speed ! I am Captain E, sheriff in DopeCity. Amphetamines are a piece of cake for me !