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    Ask Doctor Shulgin is a public education service of the Alchemind Society.
    "Ask Doctor Shulgin " allows any person with Internet access to ask world-famous chemist and writer Alexander Shulgin, PhD, a question regarding MDMA (Ecstasy). Shulgin, who has been termed the "Godfather of MDMA", is a legend in the world of psychedelics and cognitive enhancing substances.

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    Doctor Shulgin invites you to visit alchemind.org !

    Dear Doctor Shulgin
    What are the differences between the physical and mental effects of the different isomers of MDMA? I have heard that the "R" isomer is more prone to produce the empathy feeling.
    -- B-Zen

    Dear B-Zen,
    Early in my studies of MDMA, I wanted to determine what the effects were for each of the two optical isomers of the compound. This question was of particular interest to me becuase MDMA was, in a structural sense, a hybrid of two classes of compounds. It had an amphetamine skeleton, as do amphetamine and methamphetamine. With both of these two stimulants, it is the dextro-isomer (the + isomer, the "S" isomer) that is the more potent compound. Read More

    Dear Doctor Shulgin
    I have heard that there is a lot of PMA being peddled at raves and that it is a killer. What is going on?
    -- L.H., Miami

    Dear L.H.,
    You are absolutely right. PMA is the code for para-methoxyamphetamine, which is a rather dangerous drug in the rave scene. Read More

    Dear Doctor Shulgin
    Is MDMA the same as methamphetamine? Is it a type of methamphetamine?
    -- Michael

    Dear Michael,
    MDMA is totally different from methamphetamine. It is a compound that is build upon the basic carbon skeleton of methamphetamine (this is the "MA" in the code name), but there has been added to the structure two additional oxygen atoms and another carbon atom. This is the methylenedioxy ring, and this is the "MD" in the name. Read More

    Dear Doctor Shulgin
    There have been many rumors about MDA, MDEA and MDMA, mainly saying that one is harder to make than another. I would like to know if this is so, as far as synthesis and precursors are concerned. Thanks in advance.
    -- Chris

    Dear Chris,
    The usual precursor for all three of these drugs is a simple compound, piperonylacetone. This is made from the essential oil safrole, usually by way of the intermediate isosafrole. Read More

    Disclaimer: Manufacturing or possessing outlawed drugs is a crime that can result in a lengthy term of imprisonment and significant fines. The Alchemind Society and Dr. Shulgin are not engaged in rendering legal or other professional advice (including, but not limited to, medical advice), and assume no such responsibility. The information herein is subject to change without notice and is not intended to be, nor should it be considered, a substitute for individualized legal, medical, or scientific advice rendered by a competent professional.

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