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iTunes 3. Introducing a smarter way to listen to your music.
iTunes 3 Interface
Free download for Mac OS X users.
Smart Playlists. Just indicate your desired criteria ? like all the rock songs you?ve added to your MP3 library in the past month ? and iTunes 3 dynamically generates a playlist for you.
My Ratings. Assign rating points (on a scale of 1 to 5) to each song in your library. Then you can sort your favorite music ? and even see those songs you don?t like ? at a glance.
Enhanced Effects. Sound Check analyzes your entire library and optimizes volume levels. Use the new Join Tracks command to import multiple CD tracks into one, continuous song. Support. Now you can listen to over 4,500 classics, bestsellers or business books ? as well as 14,000 other audio programs and digital recordings using iTunes 3.

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