Economic Development Council


To be Announced


Our missions is to create an economic environment within Trinity Republic that is conducive to financial prosperity. We are committed to implementing tax codes, financial programs and policies that will help create a strong and effective economy within our PA. We ensure that the economy is stable by putting into place measuring devices and models that will help in policy making decisions.


The Economic Development Council is derived out of the Constitution of the Trinity Republic under the auspices of the President. We were created via Presidential Executive Order Number 1, signed into law by the President of Trinity Republic on February 19th, 2002. We are controlled and governed by the Uniform Trinity Code, Title 3, entitled Economic.


1. Implement a fair Tax Code that is in accordance with general fiscal guidelines det forth by the Senate.

2. Generate funds so that the Government can fulfill its obligations to it's citizens.

3. Establish a responsible Financial and Banking sysytem that will ensure that all monies are accounted for as per law concerning purchases and the like.

4. Ensure that a free market system exists and that the market is operating in a fair and equitable fashion.

5. Implement standard accurate measuring and estimation devices that help in policy making decisions.