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The Federal Reserve manipulates U.S. currency, interest rates, and inflation for the advantage of its owners. Since 1998, NORFED has provided an alternative:

The Liberty Dollar - inflation-proof currency owned by the people, not the Federal Reserve.

The Liberty Dollar
America's INFLATION-PROOF currency
100% backed and redeemable in gold & silver

It's real money! It's better than Federal Reserve Notes! Just as FedEx brought competition to and improved the U.S. Postal Service, NORFED brings competition to America's most basic monetary unit, its currency.

NORFED, a national non-profit organization, offers a simple and legal solution to the problem of the Federal Reserve's inflationary currency: Stop using their money. Start using The Liberty Dollar and return America to value - one dollar at a time.

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The press says:

"Could give U.S. greenbacks a run for their money"
- Los Angeles Times

"A concept almost anyone can get behind"
- Utne Reader

"As good as silver"
-The Austin American-Statesman

Users say:

"This is a blast - the word's getting out"
- B. Ibarra, Austin TX

"Given time, it'll be as common as credit cards"
- T.J., Calabassas CA

"I simply hand them the silver as payment. 95% of the businesses accept it"
- C. Athanas, Austin TX

"It's fun, and very simple"
- L. Farrenkopf, Victor MT

"I now pay for my lunch in real money"
- V. Callaway, Tahoma WA

Hear for yourself:

The Liberty Dollar's creator, Bernard von NotHaus, on inflation & honest money.
Listen now! (1:07:04)

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From The Other Radio Network

It is not the purpose of The Liberty Dollar to avoid taxation.

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Last modified on Tuesday, July 30, 2002