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William Reed conducted the following interview with Master Koichi Tohei, along with his son and successor Shinichi Tohei (Waka Sensei), on May 19, 2000. The interview was conducted in Japanese, and then translated by William Reed with Tohei Sensei's approval.

Main Topic/Heading
Master Tohei
Biography Book - "Ki no Kakuritsu"
Master Tohei
Personal Development of Aikido
Master Tohei
Ki Concepts
Master Tohei
Learning How to Learn
Master Tohei
Martial Arts in Society
Master Tohei
Crime & Justice
Master Tohei
Budo, Performing Arts, Barriers, Opportunities & Generation Gap
Waka Sensei
Challengers, Generation Gap & Information Highway


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with Master Koichi Tohei & Waka Sensei
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Interview with Master Tohei at Ki Society HQ in Toyko

Interview with Master Tohei & Waka Sensei

Interview with Master Tohei


Tokyo - 1986

Master Tohei - Younger Days

O'Sensei - Final Years
O'Sensei - B4 WW2
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