Take a Stand for Freedom and Against Intolerance

In the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect, we present mirror petitions: one for Muslims and one for non-Muslims. Please read the petitions, and sign below with your comments.
We, the undersigned, are Americans of numerous religious faiths who stand together with our fellow citizens of the Muslim faith at a difficult time in their community's history. We deplore anti-Muslim bias, and share a vision of a safe and harmonious America and a more just world. We call upon all Americans to affirm the following principles:
  • The tragic events of September 11 must not become a basis for resentment or anger toward Muslims in America, who overwhelmingly and resoundingly oppose terrorism. Those who harbor misconceptions about Islam should learn more about the intricacies of this great world religion, and not tar Muslims with a broad brush.

  • Despite the fact that the terrorist attack against America was perpetrated by groups speaking in the name of Islam and emanating from the Muslim world, we remain steadfast in our respect for the global Muslim community. We must do more to understand the dynamics of the Muslim world, and we must support efforts to strengthen economic opportunity and individual rights in the Muslim world.

  • Our demand for the equal rights and respect of minority rights outside America hinges on ensuring those same rights in our own country. While we fight a war called "Enduring Freedom", we must make sure that freedom is strong at home as well. At a time of tremendous pressure to ensure the safety of all Americans, we urge public officials to resist measures that would cast undue suspicion upon or humiliate American Muslims.
We, the undersigned, are American citizens of the Muslim faith who share a vision of a safe and harmonious America and a more tolerant and prosperous world. We affirm the historic role our own community must play in the pursuit of both. We call upon all fellow Americans to stand with us as we work to enact the following principles:
  • Hate speech and calls for violence by Muslims around the world must be condemned. They are morally wrong, and they threaten the strength of American toleration and the security of the greater Muslim community. America has been a haven for Muslims. Calls by some Muslims for "Death to America" and the murder of Americans are an attack not just on democracy, but also an attack on millions of Muslims who are proud to call themselves American.

  • We are part of the nation that has benefited most from globalization. But in much of the Muslim world, we find economic underdevelopment and limited individual rights. We have a responsibility to ensure a more just economic and political future for all Muslims.

  • As a minority religious community in America, we know firsthand the importance of protecting the full rights of minority communities. Because of our experience here, one of our contributions to the larger Muslim world must be a new emphasis on considering and protecting the rights of minorities. This includes a painful reckoning with past and present examples of intolerance - and a commitment to progress in the future.

I support these principles and pledge to work for a brighter, more tolerant future.

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