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WinImp is now freeware. We thank those users who have supported it by registering their copy.

WinImp is a new file archiver which not only recognises common archive formats, but also introduces a new, high performance archive format. WinImp's features include:

  • Extract files from ZIP, ARJ, RAR and TAR archives, decompress GZIP, Unix Compress and BZIP2 files, and decode UUencoded, XXencoded and MIME files.

  • Create ZIP archives, and IMP archives with high compression.

  • Display the folders within archives in a tree view, similar to Windows Explorer.

  • Rename files and folders within ZIP and IMP archives.

  • Drag-and-drop files and folders from Windows Explorer into ZIP and IMP archive folders.

  • Extract files or folders from archives by dragging and dropping into Windows Explorer.

  • Create self-extracting IMP archives for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

IMP archives have three advanced features:

  • Two new high-performance compression algorithms: a general-purpose algorithm for normal use, and a special text compression algorithm for high compression of text documents.
  • Most archivers compress files individually, but WinImp can compress multiple files together as a unit for higher compression. Unlike some archivers which compress the entire archive as one unit, WinImp can use several units for large archives, so you don't have to extract the entire archive to get the last file.
  • Complete repair of slightly damaged archives using optional error-recovery data added to the archive.

WinImp is freeware. It takes less than a minute to download at 56kpbs and uses less than 1 megabyte of hard disk space.


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