Macintosh Software

One of my many interests is creating software for use on Macintosh computers by Biologists. Over the last few years I have been slowly developing software to solve problems encountered by my colleagues and myself. Most of this is shareware, although two packages, SimCat and MacJuno are sold in a more commercial manner. At this stage I have no plans to ever convert this software to run on platforms other than the Macintosh.

As this is one of the few ways I still actively contribute to biological research, one of the conditions of use of my software is that if you use it to analyse your work in any meaningful manner, you must cite me in your publications. The following format or a variation is acceptable:
Marshall, S.J. (1994)
Thumbprint version 2.5
Electronically published software available from

ThumbPrint ($20 Shareware)

Software for analysing DNA Fingerprints and RAPDs.

Visibility ($5 Shareware)

An application which lets you make invisible files visible again.

MacOS8 CMM Expansion Pack ($10 Shareware)

A set of MacOS 8 Contextual Menu plugins.

BBEdit HTML Tables ($5 Shareware)

A plugin for the text editor BBEdit which generates HTML tables from scratch or existing tab delimited text.

BBEdit HTML TOC ($5 Shareware)

A plugin for the text editor BBEdit which generates HTML tables of contents.

Eudora Multisettings ($10 Shareware)

A program to help create email settings files for Eudora.

TakeABreak (Freeware)

A program to remind people to rest their hands so as to reduce the risk of OOS or RSI.


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