faces: people that i know. (click to get close and personal)
total face count: 43

Andrew: My youngest brother.
Ben: My other punk brother.
Jill: My Momma. She's nice.
Matt: My Dad. Looking spiffy.
Stan: My Grandpa, the man.
Dick: My other Grandpa, the man.
John: Say Uncle!!!!
Kelly: Excited about Gameboy Adv.
Great Grandpa: Almost 100!
Ralph: Wants to give you a hug!
Quentin: Actually 45.
Bob: The nicest boy ever.
Jeremy: He's a rawkstar!
Nerissa: MY LOVE!
Mike: "Little Dude!"
Luke: Likes the Crystal Method.
Dan: High on life...
Stephanie: Thrilled.
Kyle: Mad about me breaking Spinjas.
Arwa: Obsessed with my last name.
Andre: Freaking me out.
Brady: This picture is hilarious.
Chris: put your mouse on him to see crazy redhair!
Matt: Loves that freaking lental loaf.
Greg: "I look...pretty finee!"
Wojciech: My favorite face picture yet!
Meghan: Emo-girl.
Miki: Emo-hater.
Aaron: w/ lizard
Pat: Sleeps above me.
Ben: Trying to be Aaron.
Jill: Nerissa's roomate.
Chris: Nerissa's #2 roomate.
Ash: (Tek-mind)
Mark: Wants to kick your...
Owen: A folkin' rawkster like no other.
Benn: (The Flashbulb)
Jer: (nullsleep)
Tim: Shooting Bogdan's new video.
Adam Katz: I have this pic on my wall.
Tim: Du Haas.
Adam: In need of better picture.