The First International Gnome Day
June 21st 2002

Gnome Day 2002 was celebrated on 21st June by Gnomes in a dozen countries. About thirty Gnome related web sites participated and together they produced ' The Gnomesday Book 2002.'  Contributions came from sites dedicated to Gnome Folk Lore, Gnome Appreciation, Gnome 'Makers', Gnome Musicians and Gnome Humour. The World's First Live Gnome Cam was also featured. Click on this Banner to read the Book......

The links below are a fairly comprehensive collection of Gnome sites on the Internet but do not include Gnome Liberation Sites actively encouraging the theft of Garden Gnomes or sites promoting pornographic figurines. Parents are advised though to check the sites listed since not  all are completely child-safe

Countries Participating In International Gnome Day


Participating Canadian and US State Flags


International Gnome Sites (Click Them To Visit)

Independent Liberated Gnomes and ' The Free Gnomes of the Gnet'

AUS Kevin the Gnome, The Rock Gnome Project

UK   Beryl the Gnome

EU   The EuroGnomes ( complete with Finland's Sauna Gnomes )

'Safe' Gnome Liberation Sites, Gnome Appreciation Organisations and Gnome Humour

UK  The Gnome Liberation Front (formerly Crawley GLF) The Gnomes Of Gnymet

    M.A.L.A.G, I Cercagnomi, Canz & Raoul, Liberare I Nani

SP  F.L.N.J  Comando San Juan, F.A.L.E.J  SH-FlNJ Comando Astur


D    Bewegung, E.M.G.F

NL  G.L.F, T.K.B

USA  Gnomeweb

Gnome Protection, Gnome Appreciation Sites and Gnome Clubs

CA (Quebec) Le Cercle des Fées et des Gnomes

F   M.E.NJ

IS The Amazing Forest of Gnomes

CH Internationale Vereinigung zum Schutz der Gartenzwerge

USA The Home of Gnomes and Worldwide Gnome Association, Minbarr's Gnomes

Worldwide Gnome Sanctuaries and Parks

European Gnome Sanctuary

The Gnome Reserve

AU Zwergenpark Gurktal

Gnome Products and Gnome 'Makers'

UK The Naughty Gnome, The Gnome Reserve

USA Dirty Bill, Gnomes 'N Nodders, Kimmel Garden Gnomes, Carlo Spirito's Gnome Sculptures

Gnome Rock Bands (with Mp3s)

USA Phloide,  Pachelbel's Journey

Special Friends Of The Gnomes

  Winkleigh Singers, S&BAssociates, Wymsey Village Web

ITA's Flags of All Countries are used with permission.