Michael Vickers

Mike Vickers is Director of Strategic Studies at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, an independent policy research institute established to promote innovative thinking about defense planning and investment strategies for the 21st century.

Mr. Vickers has lectured on transformational change in the conduct of war at Harvard University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the California Institute of Technology, the United States Air Force, Military and Naval Academies, the Marine Corps Command and Staff College and the Air, Army, National, and Naval War Colleges. For the 1996-1997 academic year he was Co-Director of the Strategic Studies Program at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies where he taught graduate courses in strategy and policy and transformations of war. He is the author of CSBA monographs, Warfare in 2020: A Primer, The Military Revolution and Intrastate Conflict and The Quadrennial Defense Review: An Assessment. He also wrote the keynote chapter on the revolution in military affairs in Robert Pfaltzgraff and Richard Shultz, eds., War in the Information Age.

Mr. Vickers served as an advisor to the Defense Science Board Summer Study for three years. In 1997, he chaired a major Under Secretary of Defense for Policy study on strategies for transforming the US military to exploit the emerging military revolution. He is also the designer and developer of OSD’s "Future Warfare 20XX" game series and Transformation Strategy game series.

A former Special Forces Officer and CIA Operations Officer with extensive operational experience, Mr. Vickers holds advanced degrees in strategic studies and economics from Johns Hopkins University and in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He is in the final stages of completing a doctoral dissertation and book manuscript on the structure of military revolutions.

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