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July 2002 (Current Issue)

  1. Search Engine Marketing: Optional or Essential?
  2. Find Out Who Has Surpassed Google in Size
  3. Are You Losing Visibility by Duplicating Titles?
  4. Paid Ad Disclosure Recommended by FTC
  5. Further Shockwaves at LookSmart: Directors and CEO resign

MarketPosition(tm) Back Issues

June 2002

  1. MarketPosition Makeover
  2. Where Does Each Engine Obtain Its Results?
  3. Increase Your Click-Throughs With Killer Title Tags
  4. Learn Why Some Sites Were Dropped from Google Recently
  5. Lawsuit Filed Against LookSmart Seeks Class-Action Status

May 2002

  1. LookSmart Infuriates Customers with New Pricing Model
  2. How Smart is it to Still Consider LookSmart?
  3. How to Get a FREE Listing in LookSmart
  4. Google AdWords Replaces Overture as PPC Provider on AOL.
  5. Importance of a PPC Bid Manager
  6. Job Opportunity: Programmers Wanted

April 2002

  1. An Ingenious Way to Use Wordtracker...that's even easier!
  2. SEO Mastery Workshop - May 1-3. Receive one-one-one training.
  3. Millions Unknowingly Blacklisted by FAST's
March 2002
  1. Making Sense of the Different Types of Paid Submission Services
  2. Future Outlook: Will all Submissions Soon Become Paid?
  3. Comparison of the Major Paid Submission Services
  4. Hitslink Traffic Analyzer Offers Private Labeling and How You Can Profit from this New Service
February 2002
  1. Is WebPosition a Spam Generator?
  2. Thou Shalt Not Spam! The 12 Commandments of Search Engine Marketing
  3. Northern Light Discontinues Their Free Search Service
  4. Is a Looksmart Rate Increase on the Horizon?
  5. Web business Reports Five Fold Sales Increase in 2001
January 2002
  1. Top Reasons Why You May Not Be Indexed
  2. Yahoo Pricing Change
  3. Excite Becomes Clone of Overture
December 2001
  1. Financial Times Of London Recognizes The Importance Of Search Engine Positioning
  2. Company Lands $1.5 Million Dollar Deal Due to Search Engine Positioning Effort
  3. TIP: Expand Your Traffic Through Misspellings - Free Service!
  4. Free Update: WebPosition Gold 1.60.4 - Even Faster and More Robust
  5. AllTheWeb Becomes The World's "Freshest" Search Engine
  6. Excite@Home Bankrupt -- InfoSpace Snatches Up
November 2001
  1. Meta Tags: Your Questions Answered
  2. What Is a Meta Tag And How Are They Best Used?
  3. Will Meta Tags Improve My Rankings?
  4. Can I Get into Legal Trouble by Including Trademarks?
  5. What about Dublin Core and Other Meta Tags?
  6. Should I Separate Words and Phrases in My Keyword Meta Tag by Commas?
  7. Other Meta Tag Resources
  8. AltaVista Failing to Index Sites
  9. Beware of Possible Bay9 Spamming
  10. Five Users Speak Out On WebPosition and SE Marketing
October 2001
  1. B2B Company Announces 4,164 Top Rankings!
  2. Yahoo Dramatically Changes Their Format. What to do Now?
  3. Goto Changes Their Name while Dilbert's Scott Adams Gains New Material
  4. TIP: How to Make Better Use of Heading Tags
  5. Job Opportunity: Programmers Wanted
September 2001
  1. Firm Announces Driving More than Seven Million Visitors from the Search Engines to!
  2. The Scoop on Pay Per Click Engines
  3. Free Update adds all New Search Engines and Traffic Analysis to WebPosition Gold
  4. WebPosition Gold Trial Expired? Learn the Secret to Extend it 30 More Days for Free!
  5. Sprinks Adds Features but Raises Minimum Bid
  6. News & Tips from the Search Engine Strategies Conference
  7. The Real Story on Google's NOSNIPPETS tag
August 2001
  1. Watch Out for Yahoo's New Domain Length Limitation
  2. New Page Critic Advice Posted!
  3. Exclusive Interview with AltaVista
July 2001
  1. The Top 5 Tips and the Top 5 Mistakes of Search Engine Marketing
  2. Excite Reveals Rankings Tips, Changes, and Its Future Direction
  3. NBCi Search Joins the Bandwagon
  4. Iwon Reverts Back to Inktomi (almost)
  5. Meet Me in Person at Next Month's Search Engine Conference
  6. Job Opportunity: Programmers Wanted
June 2001
  1. AltaVista Buries Newly Submitted Pages
  2. Inktomi Loses Submission Partner
  3. Does AOL still use Inktomi?
  4. Wins
  5. The Search Engines Are Changing: What's the Outlook for WebPosition?
  6. WordTracker Expands Database to 350 Million Keywords
  7. Exclusive Interview: Learn Inside Secrets of How Google Works!
  8. Sprinks Experiences Upgrade Problems
  9. Job Opportunity: Programmers Wanted
May 2001
  1. New Study: Search Engine Listings Drive Six Times More Sales than Banners!
  2. Exclusive Interview with Open Directory Representative
  3. Will I get Into Trouble if I Repeat Words in my Meta Tag?
  4. Sprinks Support Added to WebPosition Gold
  5. New Mission Updater Utility Added to WebPosition Gold
  6. FREE Service to Brainstorm New Keywords
  7. Need Help? Take an Accredited Course on Search Positioning from the Academy of Web Specialists
  8. Too Busy? Hire a Trusted Professional to Position Your Site
April 2001
  1. How to Create High Quality Content While Improving Your Rankings
  2. AltaVista Requires Manual Submissions
  3. Exclusive Interview with a Lead MSN Program Manager
  4. Job Opportunity: Are you a Search Engine Guru?
March 2001
  1. Search Engine Marketing: Your Questions Answered
  2. Why Can't I Get Indexed by the Search Engines?
  3. Is Submitting Manually Better?
  4. How Often Should I Submit?
  5. Why Doesn't WebPosition Submit to Hundreds or Even Thousands of Search Engines?
  6. Re-organized / Infoseek Bites the Bullet
  7. Being Added to WebPosition Gold; Tips for Achieving Top Rankings on this New Engine
  8. Advertise in MarketPosition and Reach 375,000 People
February 2001
  1. Disney Shuts Down
  2. How to Avoid Being Banned by Google
  3. Five Times the Exposure on
  4. Removes Keyword Service from Public View
  5. New WordTracker Feature: Pay Per Bid Manager
  6. Job Opportunity: Programmers Wanted
  7. How to Reach 375,000 People
January 2001
  1. Keyword Selection - Finally an Easier Way to Do It!
  2. StatMarket Study: Are Search Engine Referrals Really Declining?
  3. Nine Tips for Improving Your Rankings
  4. Search Engine Positioning Services: Who to Trust?
December 2000
  1. Altavista Source Reveals Tips for Better Rankings
  2. New Top Level Domains Coming
  3. Watch Out for Fancy Menu Systems
  4. Yahoo Requires Paid Submission for Two Business Categories
November 2000
  1. Benefits of Organizing Your Content Into Separate Domains
  2. Expects Large Increase to Top Positions
  3. Problems With Netscape Searches
  4. WebPosition Gold 1.50.3 Released
  5. Job Opportunity: Programmer Wanted
  6. Mouse Pad Store Jumps to the Top
  7. Correction: Robots.txt syntax
  8. Want to Reach 375,000 People?
October 2000
  1. Dispelling the Myths About Doorway Pages
  2. Domain Names can be 67 Characters Right? Think Again
  3. How and Why to Build a Robots.txt
  4. Get a Sneak Preview of the New Site
  5. Snap Becomes
  6. Altavista Announces Lay-off and Changes
  7. Want to reach 375,000 People?
September 2000
  1. Looksmart Submission Guide
  2. NEW! Get the Latest Search Engine News Every Day
  3. Network Solutions Testing Multilingual Domains
  4. Yahoo Opens Express Submission to All Categories
  5. Why HotBot Has Been Dropping Pages
  6. A Healthy Bottom Line
August 2000
  1. CASE STUDY: Is Search Engine Positioning Really Worthwhile?
  2. Recent Search Engine Statistics
  3. Keyword Selection - The Most Overlooked Element of Success
  4. How One Person was Listed in Yahoo in 36 Hours
  5. More Yahoo Submission Tips
  6. Hotbot Mixes in Open Directory Listings
  7. Why Customer Satisfaction Matters
  8. What Does the Average Search Look Like?
  9. MSN Closes Paid Links Program
  10. Avoid the AltaVista "No Title" Trap!
  11. Search Engine Positioning Job Opportunities
  12. Fast/AlltheWeb Name Correction
July 2000
  1. Yahoo Web Pages Drops Inktomi in favor of Google Google Tip: Learn what the search engine really saw
  2. Submitting To Yahoo: Avoid a Costly Trap!
  3. Magellan is Dead
  4. Trouble for WebCrawler?
  5. Iwon and Fast/AlltheWeb added to WebPosition Gold
  6. Improving Link Popularity through Awards
  7. New: MarketPosition Advertising Opportunity
June 2000
  1. A Faster Way to Get Indexed by Inktomi?
  2. New Study: How much time do people spend searching?
  3. Fast Track to Success: WebPosition Gold Training Video Released
  4. Lycos Ownership Changes
  5. AltaVista's "Too many URLs submitted" error disappears?
  6. More Tips to Improve Link Popularity
  7. Struggling for that #1 Spot? Don't give up!
  8. LookSmart's Paid Service. A Smart Move?

May 2000

  1. Link Popularity: How to Check it and How to Improve it!
  2. Protect your Site with Code Defender
  3. New Evidence of Altavista Errors
  4. Feedback: MSN Keyword Spotlight Ads
  5. Featured Testimonials
April 2000
  1. Independent survey ranks the most popular submitters
  2. Which is Better: Manual Submission or Automated?
  3. Latest News on AltaVista Blocking Sites
  4. What does AltaVista consider spam?
  5. Our AltaVista Recommendations
  6. Could my competitors be spamming me?
  7. AltaVista's Future
  8. WebPosition Gold 1.40 Update
  9. Frustrated? Need Help with Positioning?
March 2000
  1. AltaVista Rejecting Submissions at Random
  2. Lycos Submissions Rejected at Random
  3. (Infoseek) Submissions By E-mail Only
  4. A Wealth of AltaVista Information
  5. MSN Keyword Bidding
  6. AltaVista Free Site Blocking and a Possible Solution
  7. New Place to Buy and Sell Domains
  8. Featured Testimonial
February 2000
  1. Latest Search Engine News
  2. AltaVista Promotion Tips
  3. Buying and Selling Domains
  4. Should I include dashes in my domain name?
  5. Open Directory Submission Tip
  6. Submitting to HotBot and Staying Indexed
January 2000
  1. Head-off E-commerce Problems from the Y2K Browser Bug
  2. New 67 character domain names: Your Questions Answered
  3. How to Host Multiple Domains to Maximize your Rankings
  4. RealNames suspends generic keyword registrations
  5. Contest Winner claims prize was wasted on him
  6. How to Gain New Traffic from E-bay
December 1999 -- News Flash
  1. December 20th: 67 Character Domain Names

December 1999

  1. Infoseek/Go Network: Significant Submission Change
  2. Scoring Better on DirectHit
  3. Other Search Engine News
  4. Identifying Web Spiders
  5. WebPosition Survey: 94.4% satisfied to extremely satisfied
  6. Second Opportunity to Try WebPosition Gold for free
November 1999
  1. AltaVista Problems
  2. AOL Search Explained
  3. FTC Files Charges to Combat Search Engine Fraud
  4. More Search Engine News
  5. Achieving Top Positions through RealNames
  6. Job Opportunity: VB Programmer Wanted
October 1999
  1. New Study: Search Engine Positioning Rated #1
  2. IMPORTANT: Find the Right Keywords using our new Keyword Generator!
  3. Latest Search Engine News
  4. Verio - A Dark Cloud Forming
  5. REVIEW: The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet by Cory Rudl
  6. FREE 1.30 Upgrade offers 5 new engines, enhanced Page Generator, Improved Page Critic
  7. FirstPlace Software Wins 1999 Fast 50 Award
September 1999
  1. AOLNetfind Switches to Inktomi
  2. Better Rankings with Heading Tags
  3. MSN Blocks Many Submissions
  4. Hosting Service Recommendation
  5. Excite Announces Larger Index
  6. Free Robots.txt Syntax Checker
August 1999
  1. Only 16% of the Web Indexed. What does this mean to you?
  2. How to Get Your Pages Indexed and Then Keep Them That Way
  3. AltaVista backs down on selling positions
  4. Continued: .NU Domains discrimination?
  5. a Big Success
July 1999
  1. Latest Search Engine News
  2. Creating "Hallway" Pages to Improve Rankings
  3. NEW: MarketPosition Discussion Forum Launched
  4. How a business went from $100/mo. in online sales To $10,000/mo. in less than 6 months!
  5. .NU Domains Banned from AltaVista?
  6. Higher WebPosition Gold Page Critic Statistics Doesn't Mean Higher Rankings
  7. Online Tour Now Available
  8. LinkStar to be replaced by
  9. IP Spoofing Name Correction
  10. Too Busy? Hire the Experts
June 1999
  1. A Marketing Technique You Should Avoid
  2. Doing Doorway Pages Right
  3. New Features Planned for WebPosition Gold
  4. How to Inspire Buyer Confidence
May 1999
  1. Important: Get Listed in the Open Source Directory
  2. Achieving Top Rankings on MSN
  3. When Misspellings Can Be Good!
  4. Can you really make money on the Web?
April 1999
  1. New Secrets to AltaVista Top Rankings
  2. Follow up on Identifying Search Engine Spiders
  3. Move your Table Text Topside for Better Positioning
March 1999
  1. Yahoo! Announces Express Submission Service
  2. MarketPosition Now Active Channel Compatible
  3. How to Make Better Use of Images
  4. Noindex tag correction
  5. Selectively Excluding Pages from Being Indexed
  6. How to Avoid Accidental Spamming
February 1999
  1. Solution to Disappearing Pages on Excite
  2. Excite: Keywords in Link Text Now More Important
  3. Netscape Composer Problem
  4. Yahoo Tip
January 1999
  1. How is WebPosition going to get everyone in the top 10?
  2. Too Busy? Let us position your site!
  3. Hidden Advantages of Frames
  4. More Traffic than you thought?
  5. Excite Causing Headaches?
  6. Microsoft Recognizes FrontPage Title Tag problem
  7. Y2K Compliance
December 1998
  1. Benefits of Doorway Pages 
  2. Hook Your Audience 
  3. Excite Submission Limit
  4. Latest Web Statistics
  5. HotBot Domain Tip
  6. Multiple Domain Bonus
  7. Lycos and Hotbot are Indexing Again
  8. FirstPlace Among 500 Fastest Growing Technology Companies
November 1998
  1. Lycos Tips 
  2. What Really Happens After You Submit? 
  3. Does Web Positioning Work
  4. Further Submission Delays
  5. Letters and Tips From Infoseek
October 1998 
  1. What Advertising Really Works? 
  2. AltaVista Secrets 
  3. Excite Dropping Pages 
  4. HotBot Submission troubles 
  5. Another Yahoo Submission Tip
  6. FirstPlace Software Receives FAST 50 Award 
September 1998
  1. How to Change a Yahoo! Listing 
  2. Online Web Positioning Course A Success 
  3. Infoseek Slows Down 
  4. Warning About Problematic Engines 
August 1998
  1. Yahoo changes their ranking system 
  2. Why HotBot has become more important 
  3. Tips for Ranking Better in HotBot 
  4. Going to Submit a New Page? Not so fast! 

July 1998

  1. WebPosition Gold at Internet World '98, July 15th Chicago, Illinois.
  2. Yahoo case study - iDOT.computers gets rank!
  3. We learn a few NEW things about Lycos' ranking method
  4. Your stories continued - We asked, you shared your success - wow!!

June 1998

  1. Can you really make money on the Web today?
  2. NEW: Online University Course in Web Positioning
  3. Caution: Repetition of Keywords in the Title
  4. Your Stories - we want to hear about your success!
  5. What to Sell?

May 1998

  1. Why some pages rank high for no apparent reason!
  2. InfoSeek stacking the Deck?
  3. The Good News
  4. WebPosition 1.20 Released
  5. Newer is Better

April 1998

  1. AltaVista Returns Random
  2. Warning About Double Title
  3. New Rules at Infoseek & AltaVista
  4. HotBot Tips

March 1998

  1. Building Traffic Starts with Key Words
  2. Double Your Visibility with Longer Keywords
  3. So, whose the biggest after all?
  4. WebPosition Awarded 5 Star "Editors Pick" from ZD Net
  5. NEW: 112 Page Report all about Search Engine Positioning
  6. FrontPage Fix Correction

February 1998

  1. InfoSeek Spam Penalty On Page Names?
  2. NEW WebPosition Dealer Program
  3. Avoid Pitfalls With Frames
  4. More People On The Web Means More Customers For You!
  5. Just In: FrontPage Title Tag Fix

January 1998

  1. Latest Statistics on Why Your Positions Matter
  2. How to Slip in a Few more Keywords
  3. Warning to FrontPage & other WYSIWYG Editor Users
  4. AltaVista cracks down on abuses
  5. How to avoid trouble with the engines

December 1997

  1. Heading Tags and More: Secrets to Better Positions
  2. Link Tags: The Often Overlooked Way to Improve your Score
  3. Battling the "ol' Switcheroo" technique
  4. InfoSeek Keyword Limit Clarified
  5. WebPosition 1.1 Free Update
  6. New WebPosition Dealer Opportunity

November 1997

  1. How to Create Effective Page Descriptions
  2. 3 Keyword limit on InfoSeek
  3. Update on Yahoo and Domain Names
  4. Want to improve your positions but are new to HTML?
  5. We're about to change our name to FirstPlace software!

October 1997

  1. Which engines do I target?
  2. How much is my traffic really worth?
  3. How to achieve better visibility on Yahoo!
  4. Title Tag Double Vision
  5. Banned from InfoSeek?
  6. Yellow Page Troubles

September 1997 (Premier Issue)

  1. How to create "Doorway" pages to increase your traffic.
  2. Choose the right keywords!
  3. Search Engine Update: Hotbot adds 48 hour indexing!
  4. Rumor Mill: InfoSeek pulling a fast one?


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