Edufest 2002 Credit Reading List

Join the Northwest's premiere summer conference on gifted and talented education...
July 27- August 1, 2003
To be held on the campus of 
Boise State University
Boise, Idaho

Edufest also offers a special One-Day Parent Day on Saturday, July 26 and a One-Day Administrator Day on Monday, July 28.

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Gifted and Talented
Edufest 2003

celebrating its 7th year

Edufest is held in association with ITAG/SAGE and 
the Council for Exceptional Children - The Association for the Gifted

Boise, Idaho is nestled at the edge of the mountains and is easily accessible by car and most major airlines...including Northwest, Delta, United, Southwest, and Horizon.

Edufest Features a Week of Keynote Presentations by Internationally and Nationally Recognized Experts in Gifted and Talented Education

Plus 36 week-long presentations by dozens of practitioners in the field of gifted and talented education.

Monday, July 21 -- Thursday, July 24

Session 1: 8:30-10 a.m.
Session 2: 10:30- noon
Session 3: 1:30- 3 p.m.

and Special Topics Presentations

Monday - Wednesday from 3:30 - 5 p.m.

Edufest 2003 has a theme of "Developing Creative and Critical Thinking".

Information about Parent's Day, July 26, 2003
Information about Administrator's Day, July 28, 2003

What past participants have said about Edufest...

"The greatest thing happened this year at my yearlong evaluation with one of my principals. She stated “I am impressed with the positive changes that I have seen in you in the last several years.  Keep it up.”  I know it is not a coincidence that this happened in me since attending Edufest.  The speakers, sessions, participants all contributed to changes in me in little subtle ways that we don’t realize, but other people see including principals, other teachers, and students.  Thank you…"
-- Meridian, ID

"...Edufest will carry me a long way this school year...I will definitely begin the school year with a more positive attitude due to the encouragement, positive examples, and ideas to implement that I received....You touched my life, and through me, the lives of many others." -- Missoula, MT

"This conference was the most interesting and best I have attended in my 15 years of teaching. It helped me make great strides in personal and professional growth....I am a better teacher and person for having attended Edufest." -- Olympia, WA

"I have been able to travel to many G/T conferences throughout the most NAGC conferences...and the World Conference. I want to say that Edufest was one of the best I have attended as far as coming away with actual techniques that I will be able to implement this fall." -- Elko, NV

"I still look back at Edufest in awe. It was an intense week and my head was completely full by the time I left on Friday, but I can't wait to go again. I have never attended a better workshop or conference. The presenters were top notch, and I came home with a greater understanding for the students I would begin working with this year. I felt more prepared for them and excited to share with them the things I had learned. So far my expectations have been fulfilled." -- Paul, ID

"My constant and recurring reaction to Edufest was one of confirmation and challenge. Again, and again as I listened, meditated, and searched, I was able to say "Yes! I am doing that!" or "Yes! That makes sense." Many other times, I asked myself why I hadn't seen something in that way, or why, knowing that, had I not implemented it. I was challenged to see things in new ways. Others had made connections that were new and exciting to me. This reaction must surely be the intention of Edufest."

"...hang on, kids. Wait until your old teach returns this fall. Get those minds and little hands ready. I want to say through my own hyperbole, Edufest has shown me a new side to education that is exciting, creative, inventive, mind-expanding, connection-making, and gives a person the true joy of learning."--Secondary Science Teacher, Meridian, ID

Edufest * PO Box 45086 * Boise, ID 83711-5086
Phone (208) 378-0579 *

Edufest 2003:  July 27- August 1, 2003

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