My SD summer tour equipment/provisions list

(In response to a query on StAl's Guestbook regarding what provisions people were planning to bring along with them to the 2vN Y2K tour dates):

  1. Suitably fetching concert attire -- hey, if the Guys are being so good as to entertain me, I can do no less than entertain them back, right? Plus, if my attire is fetching enough, who knows whom I might wind up fetching?

  2. My whole stash of SD CDs, plus the faithful Discman.

  3. Rental RV -- nothing elaborate, I think a van conversion or pickup-truck insert model will do me just fine. For transportation, pre- and post-concert tailgate parties, plus a nice private traveling space to fetch whomever I've succeeded in fetching by means of Item One (I mean, unless they volunteer their limo or hotel room or whatevah).

  4. Wild Turkey 101 -- a whole bunch.

  5. Chiba chiba -- a whole bunch.

  6. Ambush perfume -- a whole bunch (gotta demonstrate the right dynamics for the New Frontier).

  7. Laptop computer w/wireless modem -- for posting reports from the field.

  8. Selection of fine foods from Zabar's, NYC -- hell with this yuppie-ass Dean and Deluca shit; I know what kind of soul food the Guys will really be hungry for after 6 weeks of traipsing across the goyishe hinterlands of East Pig's Knuckle, Idaho and beyond.

  9. Selection of fine novelty items from Toys in Babeland, Seattle -- I can take some lively guesses at some other hungers too ...

  10. List of emergency phone numbers of friends back home in Seattle -- in case I need to call and say "Girlfriend, can you keep taking care of my cat for another, say, month or two? Seems my presence on the road is being desired a little bit longer ... "

/Mam'zelle Daphne Canard
(ready to throw out her gold teeth, among other things)