Hey, Welcome to Julie's life.com
What Color do you like? 
Well haven't you stumbled onto another boring webpage? you poor thing subjected to listening to me go on and on about things I like, feel and know...pictures of foo foo the family dog, the first steps of the baby,adorable sound clips of things that are cute, the family tree on a link, NO! you scream, please not another one of these!!!!!!!! and just as you hit the back button you read this one little word "FREE" and ERRR the brakes shriek as you desperatly try to hit the forward button to see what that was all about.And tada I give Julie's life.com a little bit of everything, banged into one.Well enough about banging and pussys..... onto the main event....this is me, Julie, who knows when it was taken last year sometime?
actually, probably longer then that,I never have any recent pictures of myself. yeah I know half my head is cut off, but so what, its me ain't it? there's some links on this page to other pages that lead to other pages until you forget that you were even here in the first place, but that's okay, at least you stopped by.This is Jason my sweet boyfriend, and then there's Andrew,
this kid that popped out one day and I've been toting him around ever since. For those that aren't getting the joke, he's my son. Ain't he cute? Anyhow the only other page that i have finished is a "humor page" and its not that funny, but if you want to check it out, here's the link, Humor NEW! Post a message to my corkboard! yeah yeah, I was bored but go ahead, waste some space with me! Julie's waste of space