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As the foremost experts on feral cats, Alley Cat Allies promotes nonlethal control for feral and stray cats with trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs that effectively reduce their population by sterilization - not euthanasia.
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Feral Cat News

Join Us in New Orleans! Spay USA's Southern Regional Leadership Conference is less than one month away (more)

Spay/Neuter Stamps Now Available! Visit your local post office and pick up the first ever spay/neuter stamp (more)

Update on Akron, OH Ordinance. Cat advocates go to court to challenge ordinance (more)

Learn from the Experts! Attend the No More Homeless Pets Conference in Atlanta, GA, and explore topics including developing your membership, creating effective marketing strategies, or spay/neuter programs that will work for your community (more)

Website Highlights

Are the feral cats you care for digging up your neighbor's garden?

For tips on how to resolve neighbor conflicts and more, check out our factsheet, Community Benefits of Feral Cats. Other helpful links include: Do-It Yourself Cat Fence and How To Talk to Anyone About TNR.

Fire Displaces 20 Feral Cats. Homes are needed for twenty feral cats displaced by a fire at the New Orleans-based Southern Animal Foundation (more)

Palm Beach, FL cats in danger. The town of Palm Beach, FL has begun enforcing an ordinance that could mean death for 1,300 to 1,400 feral cats (more)



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