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Social Issues
2/8/00 4:37 PM
I know this is premature for us, but I was just thinking, if anyone had any problems with social issues? For example, when your CAH child has a playdate, sleepover, going to the beach, etc. with their friend and family how do you approach the CAH issue? I know that you must tell the parent, but how far do you go? Do you send cortef and Solu-Cortef with your child and give the parent instructions on what to do in an emergency? I can just imagine some of the parents reactions - especially after reading some of the posts on various negative school reactions! My child's health and well being are more important to us than anything in this world. However, my son is a child and deserve to be one in every sense of the word. Any thoughts on how to be a CONCERNED CAH parent, but NOT an obsessive one? Kimberly

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