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 About Us

ZenHits not only brought us traffic and increased our visibility. Even though our service is cut in half as of late, our web sales have increased by 45% in the past month alone due to his Conversion rate thingy!
Renee Newham, Website Director, JudithJames


Design and positioning done right the first time!

Search engine positioning, if done correctly, will increase your traffic tremendously in a way no other advertising medium can boast! It has been proven by many case studies that the best and most cost efficient way to bring in enormous amounts of qualified traffic is search engine positioning!

However, hiring a search engine positioning expert is more confusing than trying to figure out why they put Braille on drive up ATM's! Which one do you choose? What is a good price? What kind of results can you expect? Is my website user AND search engine friendly? 

Selecting a search engine marketing firm with reasonable rates and outstanding results is key to your success on the internet. It means getting you the best results in the shortest amount of time

What will ZenHits do for my presence?

ZenHits will cut through all the high tech talk and confusing jargon to explain the details to you in plain English. Addressing your needs, your desired results and fitting it within your projected budget is what we specialize in.

ZenHits offers a full spectrum of search engine consulting services

You don’t have to take our word for it!

» Proven track record
» Author of the column on Search engine positioning issues
» Moderator of the Ad-Tech Search Engine Panels 2002  
» Lead Researcher and Editor for Marketing Sherpas "Buyers guide to search engine optimization and positioning"
» Find out what others have to say about us

Click here to understand more about our Search engine consulting services. After all, if you have read this much, you have to believe our ability to hold your attention is worth looking into! 


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