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Welcome to R. R. Donnelley Financial's - the consummate educational resource for corporate and securities lawyers.

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  • SEC Reform Portal- Latest Law Firm Memos
  • Broc's Blog - Regular News Updates
  • Senators' Letter to Chairman Pitt re: Section 402
  • Learn @ Our New EDGAR Net.filer - Self-Service Web-Based Form 4 Filer!
  • Sample Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • NYSE Adopts Final Corp Gov Listing Standards
  • Nasdaq Adopts Final Corp Gov Listing Standards - Summary
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (PDF - 130 pages)
  • Conference Report - Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (PDF - 160 pages)
  • Law Firm Publications Pages
  • Critical Accounting Proposal Flow Chart (PDF format)
  • HTML Version - Telephone Interp. Manual

    New SEC Guidance: 
  • Mutual Fund Proxy Voting - Proposed Rules
  • Accelerated Reporting of Periodic Reports - Final Rules
  • Section 302 Certification - Final Rules
  • Section 16 - Final Rules
  • All FAQs on Certifications, including 4th Set
  • Proposal - Certifications for Analysts
  • Staff Legal Bulletin No. 14a - Shareholder Proposals re: Shareholder Approval of Option Plans
  • Additional Form 8-K Disclosure - Proposal
  • Mandated EDGAR Filing for Foreign Issuers - Final Rule
  • Critical Accounting Policy Disclosure - Proposal
  • Off-Balance Sheet and 3rd Party MD&A; Disclosure
  • Auditor Independence Shareholder Proposals
  • Option Dilution Disclosure Adopted
  • Cautionary Financial Disclosure Advice
  • Cautionary Pro Forma Advice
  • Enforcement Cooperation Guidelines

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    In This Issue:

  • SEC I: Chairman Pitt Signals Major Changes to Shareholder Proposal Rule
  • SEC II: Filing Fee Rates to be Reduced
  • SEC III: Mutual Fund Proposal to Disclose Voting Decisions and Policies
  • SEC IV: Enforcement Goes After Tyco Officers
  • Accounting Standards: FASB and IASB Agree to Reach "Convergence"
  • Disclosure Practices and Procedures: What to Do Now
  • Corporate Governance: "CGQ" Off and Running
  • Cashless Exercise Programs: Evolving Positions Amid Confusion
  • Section 16: Practice Pointers
  • Stock Options: Excluded Shareholder Proposal on Expensing Appealed
  • What's Up Online: Mandatory Online Access to Periodic Reports
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