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Updated on July 2, 2002

The Simpsons Arcade Game

Released in 1991

Published by Konami

Developed by Konami

1 or 2 players


Ah, nothing like a stroll through downtown Springfield. The Simpsons were just walking along, enjoying the sites of their wondeful little town, when that dastardly scoundrel Smithers bursts out of the Springfield Jewelers shop. In all the commotion of the collision Maggie's pacifier was replaced by the diamond Smithers just stole, and he took her to get the diamond! The Simpsons won't stand for this, and they chase after him.

That's pretty much it. You have to pick either Bart, Homer, Marge, or Lisa and battle your way through different areas in Springfield. It plays very similar to Streets of Rage or Final fight, and the graphics are pretty good when you compare the game to the original arcade version.

Game guide

Bart's House of Weirdness

Released in 1992

Published by Konami

Developed by Distinctive Software

1 player


"Being grounded isn't the worse thing in the world. It's not as bad as, say, having to write "I will not do that thing in my tongue" on the blackboard 500 times. And when you've got an imagination like Bart does, then staying entertained isn't a problem. In fact, Bart has some daydreams that seem pretty real. Sometimes Bart battles space aliens, or dreams that he confronts Itchy and Scratchy! Bart can also stay busy by sneaking out the window on adventures, or go exploring in the attic and basement. When he's done with all that, Bart can begin his greatest mission, saving his hero, Krusty the Clown, from Sideshow Bob!"

Bart gets grounded and decides to have some fun in his room. He makes his way through three imaginary stages, then goes to a final stage where you have to save Krusty.

Game guide

Bart vs the Space Mutants

Released in 1993

Published by Acclaim Entertainment Inc.

Developed by Imagineering Inc.

1 player


"Springfield straight below, sir."

"Excellent, Zorbo! Do the earthlings suspect anything?"

"No, sir! By taking over their bodies no one will ever suspect we are really space mutants planning to rule the earth and make all humans our slaves!"


"With this machine we will build a weapon that will conquer the Earth!"

Bart vs the Space Mutants was the first Simpsons game developed for a console. Though it was eventually released for just about every console and hand held system out on the market at the time, the NES version was one of the first released. In the game, Bart is the only one who knows of the aliens' secret plan, and has to stop them from collecting the items they need to build their weapons of mass destruction.



Instruction manual


Krusty's Fun House

Released in 1993

Published by Virgin Interactive

Developed by Audiogenic Software Ltd.

1 player


"Hi i i i i i i kids!"

"Some pesky rats have infested my lovely fun house and I need your help to get rid of them!"

"These rats aren't too bright. They just walk around climbing over anything that is smaller than they are. If they reach a wall or barrier that is taller than them, the rats will turn around and go the other way."

"Use the blocks and items that you find to get the rats to the nifty little traps operated by Bart, Homer and my faithful helpers Sideshow Mel and Corporal Punishment."

"Good luck...!"

Krusty's Fun House is basically like the game Lemmings, except you have to guide rats instead of lemmings, and the main characters are from the Simpsons. This one is definitely a good puzzle game if you want a game to challenge you.

The Simpsons Cartoon Studio

Released in 1996

Published by Fox Interactive

Developed by Big Top Productions

1 player


There's no way I can make up a plot for this game.

This game kicks ass. Really. I've spent hours playing it, and I don't doubt that other people have as well. The basic point is to use hundreds of different animations, backgrounds, and objects to create about 1 minute cartoons. There's also a Simpsons Cartoon Player which can be used to watch other people's created cartoons.

Virtual Springfield

Released in 1997

Published by Fox Interactive

Developed by Digital Evolution, Inc.

1 player


Welcome to Virtual Springfield. Through the use of these one of a kind virtual goggles, you can now visit the most famous animated town in America. Along the way you may meet some famous Springfieldians, or maybe visit one of the many sites here in our little town. If you have time, try searching for a Springfield one-of-a-kind card collection.

This game could've been WAY better. I have honestly been waiting years for a fully interactive game where you simply wander around in Springfield. I thought this game was going to be just that, but not so. This game is a point-and-click searching game where you have to go through out the town collecting different types of items.

Game guide



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