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Advertising Opportunity

The MarketPosition Newsletter is the most popular search engine marketing newsletter in the world with over 490,000 subscribers! Written by Brent Winters, President of FirstPlace Software, MarketPosition has been delivering high-quality marketing and news information to Web site owners and Web marketers each month since September 1997.

Each MarketPosition reader has demonstrated an interest in marketing his or her Web site on the Internet. In fact, over 85% of subscribers have taken time out of their day to download and try our search engine marketing product, WebPosition Gold. Since less than 10% of visitors to our Web site on average take the time to download the product, this proves that MarketPosition subscribers are definitely a "cut above the rest."

Therefore, you know that when you advertise in MarketPosition, you'll be reaching only the most serious of Web professionals. The demographics of the readers includes Webmasters, business owners, and sales and marketing professionals. Readers include people from Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and General Motors, to small one-man companies. The majority of readers work for small to medium sized businesses.

Recent Web marketing studies repeatedly show that electronic newsletter and opt-in e-mail advertising consistently out-perform banner ads. During a time when banner ad click-through rates are at an all time low, it has never made more sense to advertise in e-mail based newsletters.

Rates for a eight line ad of up to 60 characters per line are as follows:

$40 CPM with purchase of $2500-$4999
$35 CPM with purchase of $5000 - $9999
$30 CPM with purchase of over $10,000. (Save 25%!)

The minimum purchase is $2500. CPM means cost per thousand. Therefore, if you inserted your ad into 430,000 newsletters, it would cost $12,900 at a $30 CPM. At the $30 CPM, each delivered ad costs you only 3 cents each! Realizing that all advertisers may not be able to commit to more than $12,000 per month, you may choose to advertise to a portion of the subscriber list if desired.

BONUS: When you purchase all the impressions for a slot then your ad will be inserted into the HTML version of the newsletter on the Web site for no additional charge. Some people prefer to read this HTML version rather than the text version that is e-mailed. In addition, your ad will be kept in the newsletter archive indefinitely. This gains you thousands of extra impressions, bringing you exposure beyond just the current month that the newsletter runs.

The minimum advertising term is one month (i.e., one issue). However, ad availability for subsequent months cannot be guaranteed unless you contract for additional months. It generally takes several months to begin seeing the full results of any advertising campaign. Therefore, we recommend signing up for at least a 3 month campaign to guarantee your space and to receive the best results. In addition, our subscription base grows every month. If you lock in your rate for three or six months, that guarantees that you pay the same amount regardless of how much the subscription base increases over that time period, or how much the CPM rate may go increases.

Note: We purge out undeliverables and unsubscribes ever month to keep our list as clean as possible. All subscribers are opt-in only. You would of course be refunded if the subcriber base should ever decline below what you paid for. However, MarketPosition's subscriber base has never declined since MarketPosition was originally launched in September 1997.

Each ad includes eight lines of text at up to 60 characters per line. Additional lines may be purchased for a $2 CPM per line to a maximum of ten lines.

To maximize the effectiveness of your ad, we limit advertisers to no more than three per issue. One ad will be placed near the top of the newsletter, one near the middle, and one towards the end. The positions are given on a first come first serve basis, so reserve your space early!

Our Guarantee: We guarantee delivery of your ad to the number of subscribers you contract for or we'll refund your money for any under-delivery. However, like nearly any advertising company, we cannot provide a money-back guarantee based on the "performance" of your ad. The number of click-throughs and sales you'll gain depends on many factors outside our control such as the effectiveness and appeal of your ad copy, the type of product/service you offer, your ability to sell prospects once they arrive at your Web site, etc. However, it is in our best interest for you to be as successful as possible so you'll continue to renew your ad! Therefore, if you're not completely satisfied with your results, please contact us and we'll do our very best to offer any tips or guidance possible that might improve your results.

Ad Limitations: All ads are subject to approval by FirstPlace Software, Inc. Any company, product, or service that is deemed competitive to products or services of FirstPlace Software, Inc. will not be accepted. In addition, ads promoting pornography, hate groups, or other topics that may offend our readers also cannot be accepted.

If you have questions or wish to place an ad, please contact Jim Byrd at 1-800-962-4855 x707 or e-mail him at (Those outside the US and Canada may call 417-781-3282 x707.)

Ad slots fill up fast so try to book as early as possible. Newsletters go out the first week of each month.

If you're unfamilar with MarketPosition, you may view past issues of the newsletter at:


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