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X10 To RS232 Interfaces By Marrick Ltd.

Marrick is the leader in computer to X10 interfaces. And HomeTech has been with them from the start. Visit their website for even more information and free software.

Introduction to Marrick PLC interfaces
Common Features

PLC Interfaces
LynX-10 PLC Integrated Interface
LynX-PORT PLC Interface with Utility Ports

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Home Control Assistant Software

Introduction to Marrick PLC Interfaces

X10 control is one of the most prolific and low cost means to automate a home or business, especially if running new wiring is prohibitive. The only major drawback to the system is the computer interface. There have been many attempts to provide a reliable connection from the computer or computer-like equipment to the X10 world. The first effort was by the X10 people themselves. This was the TW523 module which provided the timing required to generate the correct control commands.

Next came several simple interfaces that were merely level translators to the TW523 to hook into the computer's serial or parallel ports. These interfaces required the computer to perform all the monitoring and timing requirements, greatly loading the computer system. Today with the advent of multitasking systems such as Microsoft Windows and UNIX, the computer may not service a task for several seconds. This would cause disastrous results in the software.

Next came the chips! This was the first attempt to free the computer from the burden of the X10 timing. These chips had parallel interfaces on one side and the TW523 interface on the other. They also suffer from several problems in that the device still needs to be polled very rapidly so as to not miss any incoming X10 signals. X10 signals can appear at any zero crossing of the 60Hz power or every 16.67 Ms.

The Marrick Limited solution was to go back to ground zero. They designed a complete TW523 (X10) controller and interface into a single chip. This X10 co-processor off-loads the computer of the complex timing and constant polling to ensure data integrity. This device provides an asynchronous serial 1200 bps interface on one side, and the TW523 interface on the other. All that is required for hook-up is a low cost RS-232 translator (MAX232 type), and some discrete components. All the timing and monitoring is performed by this device. It also has many built-in commands to automatically handle dimming, and broadcast messaging.


  • Full two way reliable X10 communication.
  • Serial interface allows simple connection to the computer (connects like a modem.)
  • No polling required--Interrupt generated by computer's UART when X10 signal received.
  • LED activity indicators for receive and transmit data, as well as errors and busy status.
  • Enhanced X10 command functionality--co-processor adds broadcast messages such as ALL LIGHTS ON ALL HOUSE CODES--Useful for security systems.
  • Co-processor keeps time since last power failure. Can be used to ensure that all X10 units are updated after a power outage.
  • Full access to the entire X10 command structure--can receive and send all X10 codes.
  • Dimming can be handled by individual DIM commands or by a single, smooth, DIM TO LEVEL command for ease of use.
  • Commands are all in standard ASCII--allows connection to any device (terminal, modem, etc.) with an RS232 port. Allows for remote access to X10 devices.
  • Full collision detection and auto-retransmission.
  • 50/60 Hz autoswitching.
  • Statistics counters.
  • 32 byte FIFO with programmable thresholds.

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PLC Interfaces

LynX-PLC & LynX-HOME Integrated PLC Interfaces
  • Converts TW523 I/O Into RS232 Serial
  • Transmit & Receive X10 Commands
  • Single plug-in unit for X-10 powerline interace
  • Fully X-10 Compliant - supports all existing codes
  • Full access to extended X-10 coding including future enhancements
  • Phased lock loop (PLL) technology provides increased receiver sensitivity
  • D-subminiature 9 pin female connector for standard cable hook-up
  • Indicators for power, X-10 traffic and internal processor status
  • Includes serial cable
  • Does not require a TW523!
  • Does not require a separate power supply!
The new LynX-10 PLC X-10 interface includes the reliability of Marrick's current LynX-10 series products with a direct connection to the power line. This product includes an enhanced protocol, however, it remains backward compatible with previous LynX-10 Coprocessors.

The RS232L is the PLC interface and cable only. The RS232LH adds a copy of the Home Control Assistant software.

Note: This device interfaces your computer to the powerline. It does nothing without a computer connected and running a compatible software program such as Home Control Assistant.
LynX PLC Intfc
LynX-10 PLC w/o Software
$99.95 each   Enter Qty

LynX-HOME PLC Intfc w/S/W
LynX-10 PLC + HCA S/W
Now with Version 4.0 S/W
  $185.00 each   Enter Qty


Marrick Lynx-Port Board
  • Complete input/output solution for RS-232 or X-10 control of low voltage devices such as sprinkler systems, garage doors, HVAC systems, sump-pumps, driveway sensors, security sensors, weather sensors, etc.. using TW523.
  • Program the behavior of inputs, relays, and analog channels via RS-232 and X-10 extended code and data commands.
  • LynX-PORT can be programmed locally or remotely via extended X10 codes using LynX-PORT Configuration utility.
  • 8 DPDT Relays are fully programmable -- configure for independent, group exclusive, cascade and timed operation.
  • Each relay has a 16-bit timer that can be programmed in 0.5 second increments to open the relay up to 9 hours after relay closure. Can also be programmed to close the next relay in the group automatically.
  • 8 optically isolated, active current limited inputs are fully programmable -- optionally slave to close relays or send X10 codes.
  • 4 Analog 8-bit channels are fully programmable -- read through RS-232 or X-10 as single or differential channels and setup windows for triggers to send X-10 events.
  • Can be programmed to send X-10 On/Off or STATUS On/Off commands.
  • 3 Power Busses for ease of wiring -- use shunts for connecting to commons of relays -- makes group wiring easy.
  • Analog channels also provide +5V for ratiometric measurements -- eases interface to analog sensors.
  • LED status indicators for inputs, relays, and activity.
  • Statistics counters for tracking errors over time -- allows histogram creation for installers.
  • Can be used as X-10 / RS-232 bridge for popular home automation software including Home Control Assistant and LynX-SOFT Lite 1.50.
A feature laden I/O board for controlling a wide variety of low voltage devices such as sprinkler systems, garage doors, HVAC systems, security sensors, weather sensors, etc...
Lynx-Port Board
$299.95 each   Enter Qty

Lynx-Port Housing
$64.95 each   Enter Qty

Two Way Powerline Interface
$29.00 each   Enter Qty


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