Looking to have your table recovered?
Here are a few of the colors you can choose from:


  *PAT-8567 Dove
  *PRL-1015 Cranberry
  *PAT-8517 Mocha
  *PRL-1024 Mica
  PAT-8581 Dk. Aqua
  PRL-1034 Med. Grey
  PAT-8582 Imperial Blue
  *PRL-1016 Cobalt
  PAT-8538 Pewter
  *PRL-1011 Jadestone
  *PAT-8540 Black
  *PRL-1012 Azure
  PAT-1007 Lilac
  PRL-1001 Taupe
  The color samples shown here are approximate representations.
Give us a call or
e-mail and RPM will drop-off or send you our color cards by mail.
  *These colors are also available in our Premium Heritage Covers