Oct. 07, 2002
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FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief

"CSI" Spells Cash

"7th Heaven" Star Kicks Cancer

Winona Ryder Trial Delayed

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New Movie Reviews: Our take on Red Dragon, Collinwood, Jonah, more

Fashion Police: Reese Witherspoon hits a Home run, Lucy Liu's no shoe-in, more

The Awful Truth: Are J.Lo and Ben Affleck auditioning altars?

True Hollywood Story: The bits that made Brando an icon, for better or for worse

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Today's Best Bets
� A Strange DVD
� A howling good movie
� A fishy book

We Were There! The Exclusive World Premiere Webcast

neve campbellThe carpet was blood red, Young Hollywood was out in full force--and E! Online was there live for the gala world premiere of Scream 2 at Hollywood's famed Mann's Chinese Theater.

Our own gossip guru Ted Casablanca dished with surviving Scream-ers Neve Campbell and David Arquette; new, um, victims Tori Spelling and Sarah Michelle Gellar; and even well-wishers Jeremy London, Melissa
Neve: The Q&A;
Joan Hart, Daisy Fuentes and Devon Sawa, to name a few.

If you couldn't make it, fear not, because we've archived the scary shenanigans. Take a look at our bag of gory goodies:

The Red Carpet: Every precious word that came out of the invitees' mouths--see who could keep up with Ted.

Photo Gallery: Still pics of the beautiful people--in wallet size and 8-by-10 glossies.

The Scene: Our own intrepid reporter Ken Neville was your eyes and ears inside the theater and out. Who was dissing whom? Who was kissing whom? Ken gives you the minute-by-minute rundown.

Chilling Clips: Terror at the sorority house? Horror in homeroom? Crazed murders in college? Get your Scream 2 sneak peeks right here!

Scream and Win from Capitol Records

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tonight E!
True Hollywood Story: See why Family Feud was exactly that; 8 p.m.

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