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For Everything Shenmue think gotshenmue.4t.com

New Guestbook is up please sign! 9/24/02 6:40 PM EST
NEW SHENMUE 2 TRAILER!!! 10/5/02 2:07PM
thats right a new shenmue 2 trailer from X02 Click
HERE Scroll down to Shenmue II X02 to see it!!!

New updated stuff!!!! 10/01/02 7:28 PM EST
New images and movies at IGN click


Welcome to http://www.GotShenmue.tk and don't forget theForums For anything Shenmue related think Got Shenmue!!!

Shenmue 2 or 3 not to be at the Toyko Game Show!
9/10/02 6:20 PM EST.
I was looking through the IGN site and found a list of games going to be at the TGS. Click Here To See The Whole List
The Event will be taking place from September 20-22.

New Preview at Gamespot:9/10/02 4:56 PM EST

Click here

JUST ADDED: Yet even more Shenmue 2x Pics! 9/4/02 8:35 PM EST
I have just added a couple new Shenmue 2x Screens from gamespot.com the pics are on Shenmue Pic Page 5

JUST ADDED: A new Link has been added! 9/3/02 8:55 PM EST
Please visit a new link its Alan's Shemnue Page. You can chat with the webmaster in our forums as he post there (his name is TomJohnson86) the site is Here

New Box Art
at Gamestop
9/14/02 5:09 PM EST
A new box art was found at Gamestop. It is of the Prima Strategy Guide. Usually the Guide cover and the Box Art are the same.

Welcome to Got Shenmue enjoy your stay! Gotshenmue.4t.com

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9/16/02 8:07 PM EST