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Brief History:
I was born on November 11, 1981 (six weeks early),  in a little town in New Brunswick to my mother, Linda, and my father, Terrance.  My mother had three children: Lisa, Marc, Michel from a previous marriage, respectively 13, 11, and 16 at the time of my birth.  When I was three and a half, my father was posted with the military to Ottawa, where we lived for 14 years before moving to Edmonton.

Hobbies: (past to present)
I've had many hobbies and activities that I've participated in since I was a child.  When I first moved to Ottawa, one of the first things I became involved in was dance.  At age three or four, I began studying ballet at a local dance school, but became bored with it after a couple years.  As I grew older, my mother enrolled me in different dance classes and I began studying gymnastics and figure skating, both of which I got tired of after a few years.  Looking back now, I sort of wish my mother had pushed me a bit to stay involved in something, but I know that I would not have been happy at the time.

When I was four, my parents signed me up for t-ball, which I played for a few years until I was old enough to play fastball.(not quite baseball, not quite softball)  I've played fastball every summer since then, and it's one of my favorite sports.  I am a pretty versatile player, and I can play any position from pitcher to centre-field.(anything but catcher) I usually play short-stop, pitcher, and first base.

Another favorite sport of mine is bowling.  Contrary to popular belief, I do believe that it's a sport.  I have been bowling since I was about seven years old.  I played ten pin for a year, then switched to five pin, and have won numerous awards for the sport.  At the moment, I maintain an average of 220, and my high score to date is 376.  I participated in the 2000 Alberta Winter Games February 17-20 along with other regional and provincial tournaments.

          I did two years of kindergarten at Dunlop Public School before my family moved onto the base in Ottawa, and I attended the school there from grade 1 to 5.  My parents took me out of school halfway through my grade 5 year, because they realized that it was such a bad environment, and I did "home schooling" for the rest of that year.  We moved off base the following year, and I attended Emily Carr Middle School for grades 6 to 8.  It wasn't the greatest school, but it was much better than the one on base.  It was here that my love of music began, and I am ever grateful to the music teacher there, Ms. Black, for convincing me to join the music program.
          I then went to Gloucester High School, where I met friends and teachers who inspired me and appreciated me.  I was quite involved with the music dept. and the musical theatre program here, and furthered my love of music.  Now for the complicated part.  Ontario, at that time, had five years of high school (9-13).  You were able to graduate after grade 12 and go to college, but in order to go to university you had to do all five years.  My father was posted halfway through my grade 12 year, so my mother and I stayed in Ottawa while my dad moved to Edmonton.  I graduated with the class of '99, a year before most of my friends, and finished my 13th year as grade 12 in Alberta.  heh.  In order to be eligible for most scholarships in Alberta, however, you had to have an Alberta diploma.  I then had to take courses like CALM and gym to meet the requirements.  I graduated again in 2000 from Sturgeon Composite High School, and I even sang at the graduation ceremonies.  I am glad that I attended this school, even if it was just for a year, because I was able to make connections with even more people, and made even more lasting friendships.  I also became very involved with the music dept. here, and personally organized a few musical events, such as the first concert of the year and the first annual music student's award banquet.  I even recieved an award for top band member or something to that effect.  Not bad for just being there a year, eh?
My personality:
I love to laugh and make people laugh, and am usually found making a fool of myself in order to cheer someone up. 
My biggest philosophy is to treat people how I want to be treated.  I therefore try to treat everyone with respect and no different from any of my best friends.
My Family
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