Transhuman FM-2030 

Transhumanists are any number of futurists who have an avid interest in the future well-being of humanity.  Transhumanists actively support the conscientious use of ethics, science, technology, and aesthetics 
in improving the human condition.
This Website acknowledges the contributions of futurist FM-2030 in his never ending appeal to humanity to pay attention to the political, economical and social changes that continue to uproot our beliefs and alter our lives.  

Pioneer transhuman FM-2030

"I am a 21st Century person who was accidentally launched in the 20th.
I have a deep nostalgia for the future." FM-2030 

"FM's vision stretches beyond infinity.  He continues to inspire even the
most complacent of minds by revving-up the volume on  imagination. His unique way
of putting together  ideas about the future has been a catalytic force."   Natasha Vita-More

"The exhilarating voice of a new, nonmystical consciousness ... FM dares us
to step outside our encaged historical selves and leap to a new
stage of evolution." Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock

"A prophet of Boom .... He maintains 'we are at the beginning of an age
of limitless abundance ... and an age of immortality.'" New York Times

He is a dreamer, a visionary, a social critic, a futurist with
"a hailstorm of ideas." Washington Post

"FM-2030 is a man so rational, so articulately confident that he
emanates the kind of ultimate optimism -- the triumph over
alienation and irrationality." Village Voice

"FM-2030 is one of the first thinkers in history to live, teach, plan and
campaign for a future for mankind ... he has suggested in bold controversial
an utterly new way of life." Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Futurist


I have no age. Am born and reborn every day. I intend to live forever. Barring an accident I probably will.
I also want to help others live on indefinitely.