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Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment of Foote - Sergeant Major's Company

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 Recreating the English Civil Wars 1642-1651

Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment of Foote, Sergeant Major's Company, Captain Roderic Hawkins commanding, is looking for Musketeers, Artillery Crew, Pikemen, and Campfollowers to fight the rebel armies of the Parliament.

Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment, Sergeant-Majorís Company is a recreated regiment of Firing at Naseby. infantry from the period of the English Civil War, 1642 to 1645.  Our unit is Royalist, fighting on the side of King Charles I.  As a living history organization, Campfollowers tend the fire. our regiment portrays camplife of a seventeenth century army, complete with many of the crafts and functions necessary to keep such an army operating.  There is a field kitchen, operated by the soldiers' Syke firing at Naseby. ladies, and a Baggage Trayne, composed of campfollowers, armourers, shoemakers, and other military, and civilian craftsmen. Families are welcomed to join and we also allow women to serve as soldiers under arms

Giving fire at New Sweden. Our unit is based in the northeastern United States and we have members from Washington, DC to Boston, MA.  Musters are held in locations from Virginia to Massachusetts. 

If you are interested in membership but live Seamus at Salem. in the U.K., please see the site for our sister units, First and Second Companies of Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment of Foote, English Civil War Society.

We welcome all that would return to a more colorful and exciting time.  If you would like to leave the 20th century behind and join us in the world of Stuart England, please contact us

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